Written by Grant

30 Oct 2017

Thanks again to everyone for their advice , well last night i thought i would take the initiative and see if my thoughts were right and maybe theres a bit more to all this than just looking. I waited until she came back in her car, she put her car in her garage i went out , sweating , almost a panic attack, i said Carol can i have a word, i said my room looks onto your bedroom and your bathroom, just in case you didn’t know but i can see you in your room , incase you thought i was a weirdo , thinking she was going to be all embarrassed, she said did you like what you saw , i said yes Carol , she said do you want to come in . My heart was pounding , she said do you like role play , very open she said , no you cant fuck me , or play with me and i wont give you a blow job , but if your up for it , instead of you being your room looking at me we will sit opposite each other and we can talk to each other and you can tell me what you want me to do for you , its solo sexual demands , i was so up for it , she said take off your shirt , then take off your jeans i was sitting there in my undies , she said rub your cock for me , tell me when ur getting hard , i said im rock hard , she said start playing with your cock and now its my turn what do you want me to do , she was wearing a skirt and top , my wank bank memory had kicked in i said play with your boobs over your top , she moved her hands up and caressed her boobs , i said carry on playing with your tits and open your legs i want to see your panties , slowly she opened them a little glimpse of red panties and then the full gusset , i said take your top and bra off , she teased me , top off bra on the floor i said lick your fingers and choose a nipple , rub it on your nipple , pull it for me carol , is that nice she moaned and I embarrassed myself by coming to soon , 2 big spurts . She said dont worry carry on with me , once i had cleaned myself up i said put a hand in your panties and play with your pussy , nice and slowly and i could see her fingers on her clit moving in i said what are you think of she said pleasing you , my todger loved that answer , i was getting hard again , i thought fuck it i will chance my luck , i said carol take you panties off and get on your hands and knees , i said i haven’t got all day off came the panties , and she got into position , my perv head took over i said reach back carol and pull your cheeks apart what a view , a lovely pussy and a small arse hole , i said put your hand in-between your legs and come for me carol , do you want me to wank off while you are , she said yes and tell me what your thinking off , i said i wish you were sucking me off and rubbing by balls , then i would wank onto your tits , i looked down and carols fingers are working 10 to the dozen, i said carol finger fuck yourself for me , i could see 3 sometimes 4 sliding in , i was on the vinegar stroke , i said look at me come and i spurted , carol come for me , she moaned and then had that sex face .

She lay there , i said carol i have wanked so many times , but seeing you pleasure yourself , i will be wanking again tonight . Then she said , you will have to go , i said when can i see you again , she said i will let you know , maybe when i go shopping you can help me ...i said i am willing to do anything for you