Written by Johncriso

16 Oct 2009

Hi although single and not wanting a relationship as in long term thing or living with someone under the same roof. I met F about 6 months ago, funny enough not through a swinging site, after a few meetings ended up in the sack, the sex was good. (I love to hear a woman cum and moan) After a while she started asking about past partners, what I had done with them and what I would like to do and what I hadn’t tried. I then admitted to be in the swinging scene and there wasn’t much I hadn’t done as threesomes with other couples etc. I did however say I had not swung with past girl friends. This is where she asked if we could try a threesome or even a couple as she had always wanted to do it.

So after a bit more talking it was agreed that she would like to have me and another man fuck her. Well with her body and looks it wasn’t hard to go back to some of the couples I had met and asked the males if he fancied meeting up with her. By the way she is a very small petit framed woman that is only 5’3 in her high heals, small tits but no flab on a 47 year old body. I showed F a few photos of three males who were interested and asked her to choose. It was then that she asked if it was wrong of her to have a man use her and talk really dirty to her. For someone who had never gave me the slightest hint at this type of sexual fun I asked her how far she wanted to go. She looked embarrassed, bit her lip and then said she had a DVD that really turned her on and asked if I would watch it and see what I thought. She went out of the room and came back saying I’m a bit nervy about this but feel I can trust you.

The DVD started and showed two males and a female in a lounge having a drink and larking about. Then her husband got hold of her and gave her a long deep kiss in front of his friend trying to feel up her leg showing of hold-ups, she at first tried to push him off, then kept kissing. As they broke off the husband said now kiss Pete like that you tease, before she could complain, he was over her holding the back of her head and pushing his tongue down her throat, her husband was telling her to relax and started squeezing her breasts telling her tonight is the night. This went on till she started moaning and then the husband started talking dirty to her, telling her she was going to fuck like a slut and take as much cock as both of them could give her. After the usual clothes were of and her keeping her hold-ups and high heals on, you saw her get on top of his mate going up and down his pole, hubby was telling her what to do and wanking in front of her face telling her this was going to go up her cunt as well as Pete’s. He then went behind her and pushed her flat against his mates chest and started to push his cock into her giving her a DP, as she was protesting, he pulled her hair telling her to shut up you slut or it will be anal! As they pounded her she kept on cumming. This went on for quite awhile and finally ending with her opening her legs which were being held by the men and her pulling her pussy lips wide to show the spunk inside her as well as dribbling out and her as well as fingering herself to another cum as they egged her on to come like a slut should.

I have to say it was a good DVD, I looked at F, she in her prim and proper outlook said you think I am terrible don’t you? I stood up took my cock out, said nothing and put it in her mouth. She started sucking and trying to say something, I just said shut up you secret slut I’m going to fucking use you like you want it! I think she came on the spot as the suite was soaking wet. As I was giving her doggy I grabbed her hair and pulled it back asking her what she wanted next? All she said was I need another cock to keep me cumming and I need to be used. That night was one of the best fucks Id had more so, because I had wanted to experience using a woman to see what it was like but also to hear a woman say what she really wanted. I added that I wanted to see if she could squirt like some women can during sex. That was all I said as she said you really want that do you? As she got the last words out and me saying dam fucking right I do! She came and a small amount of what was like pee came out of her pussy all over my cock making a fantastic squelchy sound. She then after we had calmed down said that she had always held back as she thought men wouldn’t like it. I told her to be her self from now on.

I have set up this Saturday night for Jim to come round, will tell you what happens