Written by Volvoman_2009

20 Feb 2010

My ex rearly had the hot's for a friend of mine,but every time I suggested a 3 some she just said to me,shag me.Then I for got about it!!. Untill one evening we were in the local having a drink when my phone rang,it was gary and he was in the same pub.When I told sue she tried to say I'd fixed it up but that was not the case.Any how gary joined us and the drink flowed,sue when to the ladies so I saked gary if he was interested in a 3 some with us,you should have seen his face.Sue came back and I got us another drink,then I asked gary if he'd like to come back for a drink.Sue said it's ok.We got back then it did'nt take long to get started,sue said that she was to take gary upstaire's and he said to wait for 10 minute's.I gave it 5 and what I saw was fantastic,he was right up her,she put her head to one side and smiled,she had got what she wanted.I undress and just watched my mate shag my girlfriend.I the put my cock in her mouth she sucked for england the groned loudly as he shot his load in her.As he rolled of I got on itwas like shagging an oil barrel,all big and slimey!.Sue had got what she wanted and was happy.