Written by trainman

17 Jun 2013

A few yrs ago I knew a girl, very very sexy lady, fantastic figure, size 12 with lush tits and ass ...... she lived close by and we met thru a mutual friend when he introduced us at a beach party ....... he didn't know but we'd already met 'by accident' when I saw her on the street and started chatting to her.

On the way home from the beach I sat in the back of his car and she was in the passenger seat, we'd already flirted, slightly drunkenly during the afternoon and I was horny at the idea of her warm body ....... so as he drove us back she put her hand between the front seats to hold mine...... After a while I put her hand on my thigh then slowly moved it up to my crotch and squeezed her fingers round the swollen cock in my jeans ..... he had to keep his eyes on the road and I could see her grinning in her seat as I let go of her hand and she squeezed my cock n balls on her own.

When we got back to mine she said she was going home and he'd drop her off......she'd given me her address and phone no during the afternoon, so ten minutes later I rang her and said I wanted to call round. Soon as I got there we grabbed each other and deep throated as my hands went all over her tight young body and I rubbed my cock against her thigh.....no more prelimenaries, we went straight up to her bedroom ........ large double brass bed ....... and I stripped her......gorgeous matching underwear, patterned, sheer, fantastic proud tits with lovely prominent erect nipples and as i squatted down to ease her jeans off i was face to crotch with her enclosed pussy in the patterned, nylon thong ........ I pushed my face forwards and gently brushed it against her bulging mons.....