Written by eddie23

16 Oct 2011

Back in my student days I used to let a girl in a bedroom across the landing spy on me showering. There was a small circular hole below the handle of the bathroom door which, unless someone hung their towel over it, gave a good view of most of what was a very small bathroom.

One night she drunkenly admitted she sometimes used to sneak onto the landing in the mornings and have a crafty look at me, something I suspected because I’d often hear her creaking about outside.

I’d often soap my cock and wank myself for her, hoping she was watching and playing with herself, which she told me she sometimes did. I even watched others through the hole myself, getting lucky a few times and seeing my mate in the bath having his cock sucked by his girlfriend.

On a similar voyeuristic theme, this true story goes back to the Icelandic volcano problems of a couple of years ago. I was out in Barceleona on business with work colleagues but because of the ash cloud was unable to get home as planned. Fed up and looking for a diversion, I arranged to meet up with Chloe, a Geordie girl from a related company who I’d had a few casual encounters with in the past and who I knew would be up for some fun. She’s only 29 with a lovely voluptuous body, long dark hair and a really sexy trimmed pussy

After a few drinks in town, we had dinner then grabbed a cab back to her hotel on the outskirts of the city. The one snag was that to save money, her work colleague Becky was sharing a room with her, which initially I though might spoil our fun. How wrong I was…

It was late by the time we got back to the hotel and the bedroom was in darkness as we quietly entered. Becky was sleeping soundly on one of two single beds that had been pushed together and I nipped off to the bathroom as Chloe started to undress.

Clearly rather than buy new underwear for their enforced extra days in the city, the girls has decided to wash the ones they’d brought with them in the basin. Everywhere I looked there were pairs of skimpy lace knickers and bras hanging to dry, and I got a horny kick out of comparing the bra sizes and wondering whose panties were whose.

Back in the room, Chloe had got into bed and I quickly undressed and joined her, me on the outside with Becky sleeping next to her. Soon we were kissing and quietly reaching for each other, hoping not to wake up Becky who I’d only briefly met a couple of times.

I knew from previous conversations with Chloe that the two of them had shared rooms on many foreign business trips together and were more than happy to go nude in front of each other. They’d even had a naked mud bath together at one spa hotel out in the states. Chloe has admitted to me that although nothing has ever happened between them she’s a bit bisexual (with a big thing for Cheryl Cole) and had a drunken snog with a girl in a pub in her student days that ended in the two of them sleeping together. She’s always been coy about telling me too much about it but did admit she enjoyed it and had ended up getting fucked with a strapon.

It was just as we started playing with each other quietly under the sheets that I heard Becky stir and turn over. In the half light, I could make out her form in the bed next to us and heard her whisper ‘hi’ to Chloe. But she must have sensed something because the next thing I knew she shot bolt upright, turned the bedside light on and and said ‘Jesus, have you got someone there?’

Feeling a bit sheepish, we quietly called hi to her and apologized.

‘No worries,’ she laughed. ‘Have fun, don’t mind me.’

The sexual tension was building though as she continued to watch us, her pyjama top gaping open to reveal her big cleavage. I kissed Chloe, she kissed me back and before I knew it, I was on top of her under the sheet, Becky still watching from the other bed, the light remaining on.

Chloe can be a bit prudish at times but the drink had obviously reduced her inhibitions as she let me gently slide my cock into her, gasping and looking over at Becky.

‘Oooh, yeah,’ Becky murmured. ‘Are you doing what I think you’re doing?

I smiled. ‘Yep, I said simply. Don’t mind do you?’

Chloe smiled, feigning a protest but letting me continue.

‘You enjoying that Cloe?’ Becky said, her eyes flashing wickedly. ‘Go on, give it to her Ed.’

I needed little encouragement and loved it when Becky reached over and cheekily pulled the cover down off us to see more. I remember a moment of slight embarrassment that she could now see me humping away but I was too far gone to stop and Chloe was laughing too. I could feel how wet she was getting.

Becky slid behind us to the foot of the bed. ‘God, I’ve never seen any live sex before.’ she said. ‘You ok with me watching you? This is amazing, I can see his cock.’

I was loving it now, and amazed Chloe was letting it continue. I slowly and deliberately pulled my cock out to give Becky a good view, then slid it back in.

‘Ooooo,’ said Becky, ‘oh bloody hell this is great. Jesus, his cock is massive Chloe, you lucky cow.’

The encouragement was turning us both on so I pulled out and crouched between Ckloe’s thighs on my haunches, my cock angling upwards, the glans gleaming with her juices.

Becky got in for a closer look. ‘You circumcised Ed? I remember her asking. ‘I’ve never seen one like that, your knob looks really big’ she laughed.

I decided to slide Chloe over onto her belly and she quickly got on her knees. I slid behind her and began fucking her gently doggy style while Becky continued to watch. She’d gone a bit quiet and I got a huge buzz when I looked behind me to see the fascination on her face, one hand sneaked down her pyjama bottoms which she shyly pulled away when she saw me looking.

‘Don’t worry, go or it’, I said, as Chloe swung her head back to see what she was up to.

‘’Are you going to cum?’ Becky said. ‘Let me see it…’

Chloe likes me to cum on her boobs, so I pulled out and turned her onto her back again.

‘Ok,’ I said simply. I straddled her belly and wanked myself to a huge erection as Becky got in closer again for a look.

It was all too much for me and within a few strokes, I shot jets of cum across Chloe’s lovely pert boobs, massaging it in as Becky murmured her appreciation.

‘Oh God, I’m going to cum,’ she said, and we both turned our heads to watch as she brought herself to a quiet orgasm, her body shuddering as she wanked herself off.

She then lay back to watch as I fingered Chloe while she used some of my cum to frig her clit. She normally takes a while to cum but after a couple of minutes I had her gasping to what she told me later was a really intense orgasm.

I’ve not had a chance to repeat the fun we had that night yet although talking about it with Chloe always gets us horny. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it.