Written by SlutsTeacher

27 Dec 2008

My missus came home late and pissed up from her Xmas do. I was suspicious she was sucking some other blokes cock. I haven't sussed that yet but thought you might like to hear what I've been doing to her to make up for getting home at the wrong time.

I gave her a bollocking and when she woke up the next day I made her promise to do anything I ask for the next couple of weeks.

So I sent her downstairs to get me a glass of water. When she came back up I sat on the edge of the bed and made her stand in front of me then I bent her arms behind her back and gripped them hard. I have never done this before and she complained a little but I just said "I can have anything". With my right hand I parted her legs then I rubbed her pussy which was soaking. Then I started biting her nipples really hard. She winced and put her hed into my neck. She kissed my neck so I slammed 2 then 3 fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her rougher than ever before till she orgasmed.

The next day she went out with sister so I kept texting her to finger fuck herself in pub toilets - something else she had never done. She took lots of pics on her phone to prove she was being a good girl.

When she came home I hadcuffed her to the bed and fucked her doggy fashion finishing off by spunking down her throat and she never swallows but that night she wasn't allowed to spill a drop.

She now has to find a baby sitter so we can go out and take pictures of her riding the car gear stick. Maybe I'll find that other cock for to suck....

Let me know if you want to hear if I do