Written by shell7869x

28 Jul 2010

Well, not long after we got back from Turkey I was lucky enough to have another sexy encounter that I want to tell you about. Mel and I arranged a night out in town; it was a typical girly night, get drunk, dance loads and maybe get a snog and grope of some random bloke (or lass!). Our holiday threesome with her bf Niall was clearly a one off and I hadn't told Karl about it since we got back (although he knows now). Mel and me play together a lot and Karl doesn't mind, but I thought he'd be pissed off about the threesome as I probably enjoyed fucking Niall more than Mel on that occasion!

Karl knows what to expect from our nights out and I spent a few hours getting ready, shaving legs (and everything else!), doing make up, etc. I'm not a slut, but at 32 I know I look ok and my full round boobs and tight arse always get me attention. I've got good firm thighs too and I was showing them off in a little red tartan mini skirt and tight white top with a little cardi. My black bra clearly showed through the white top and I finished it off with some naughty black leather thigh boots.

I was feeling horny and probably dressed the part! Coming into the lounge, Karl was slumped on the sofa in cut offs watching TV but his eyes bulged out when he saw what I was wearing. Seeing his tanned, toned torso didn't help my horniness and I swear I saw his cock twitch in his shorts. I hate Karl wearing boxers at home, I like to have him ready. Just knowing his thick cock would be hardening beneath his shorts made me wet and, without saying a word I went over the the sofa and stood in front of him.

I parted my legs a little and he sat upright on the sofa. His big hand traced up my leg under my red skirt and to my crotch. When he felt that I hadn't yet put undies on myself, Karl lifted my skirt and put a hand behind by bum, pulling me towards his face to kiss my smooth pussy, which I'd only shaved an hour ago.

My make up was done and my taxi was due, but I was horny as fuck so I stepped back and, seeing the bulge in Karls shorts, I said to take them off. He pulled them down and his big cock sprung out, his shaven balls looking so full of spunk and so heavy.

Licking my fingers and reaching under my skirt, I rubbed my clit a little and realised how wet I'd become then, still wearing my boots, skirt and top, I straddled my bf and reached down to position his cock to my eager pussy then sunk down slowly onto him.

Karl groaned and I slowly bobbed up and down his shaft a couple of time to lube up, then kneeling on the sofa with my little skirt riding up over my bare arse, I gripped Karl's shoulders as I repeatedly slid back down his thick shaft. Karl was going mad and was grunting and groaning as I pushed my boobs into his face and his big hands gripped my buttocks so tightly that I knew he would leave finger marks! Karl's cock was thick and pulsing and I knew he was close. As I heard the taxi door slam outside, Karl grunted and bit my tit through the white vest as he gripped my buttocks harder - lifting me off the seat he groaned and fired his thick spunk up into my pussy in a few hard thrusts...

I hadn't come, but there wasn't time for that now and, not wanting to miss the opportunity to be his little slut, I picked up my black silk thong from the arm of the sofa, and pulled it on straight over my leather boots. After a quick check in the mirror, I kissed a panting Karl on the forehead and left him on the sofa naked, with his big cock trickling cum over his legs then headed out the door to greet the taxi driver!

I wondered if the driver could tell as we drove into town that this blonde girl in back of his cab was riding her bfs cock only minutes ago and now had a pussy and a thong full of fresh cum... Anyway, that took a bit longer than I thought and I've got the urge to play with myself thinking back to it - but it was probably this fuck before going out that led to the black fun. More on that later...