Written by unknown

29 Jul 2009

I always wanted to see my wife get fucked. She told me I was great but I always thought what it would be like to watch her get fucked by a larger cock. So one night we were home Drinking and I knew she was hot to go. I called a friend of mine over and we all drank for a while. Well soon enough we were playing truth or dare and I dared my friend ( a young black man) to suck on my wifes neck. She goes crazy on that. Later I dared her to dance to some R&B with him. Soon they were basically fucking with clothes on. They went into our room, her ass tight up against his 9" cock. I followed, as that was the deal, and they just went at it. She started to moan instantly, and then for the next hour my friend fucked my wife so good she was moaning and screaming the whole time. I heard her get off once and I jerked off to her coming, that was about ten minutes in. So I left the room and she got louder and louder. I went outside to walk the dog in the yard, i heard her yelling how huge his cock was and he fucked her hard, slapping her ass, they went for an hour, easily. She did not even flinch when I came back in the room, she was now on top and he was telling her " you love riding that cock don't you?" She replied yes oh yes, fuck me.......

It was very satisfying, but also very hunbling. i did not know she was a screamer.