Written by Ukwide

13 Jan 2016

Well, I arrived home to find my wife Lynn wearing red underwear, lacy bra, knickers and suspender belt with red patent leather fuck me shoes and red seamed stockings. I was greeted at the door with a kiss to be told Stuart was coming over to fuck her and he would be here shortly.

Well Stuart arrived about 20 minutes later, Lynn having donned a silk robe to meet him at the front door. They didn't speak, there was silence, then I heard my wife walk into our kitchen, obviously followed by Stuart. After about 10 mins of silence my wife began moaning and I heard Stuart says to her that she was getting very hot and moist in her pussy, he then said let's take this upstairs so I can fuck your married cunt and you can wank my cock so I can see your wedding rings slide up and down my shaft.

I heard them both ascend the stairs and the door to our guest room close and within minutes my wife's moans could be heard down stairs and highly erotic it is too. I then heard the bed rocking and Lynn telling Stuart to get in deeper and to fuck her harder. Lynn has told me Stuart's prick is very long, about 9 inches or more and as thick as a Coke can, she also said he knows how to use it and will fuck her for hours, filling her slutty cunt with his spunk.

Well they've been upstairs now for about an hour or so and all that time my wife hasn't stopped moaning other than when I could hear Stuart telling her to suck his cock and to be a good little slut and swallow his cum, no doubt she did, she loves the taste of spunk and will always swallow as much has she can get. I heard Stuart telling her to get on her back and open her legs so he could get between her thighs, he then the old her he was going to fuck her again, Lynn moaned quite loudly, so he was obviously feeding s hard cock into her well used cunt.

They've been up there about two hours now, with no sign of them giving up, but my slutty wife won't say no or stop because she just loves the feel of a throbbing hard cock deep inside her, even now I can hear her telling him to get in deeper and to fill her cunt with his hot spunk. At some point she will come down stairs just so I can feel her hot open pussy, feel their juices running down her thighs soaking her stocking tops and her juicy puffy stretched cunt lips, before going back upstairs for more fucking with Stuart.

Once she's been down stairs I will write more about what's happening.