Written by Sluttysmith

4 Feb 2018

We met again this week.

Fishnet hold ups and hair down (easier to pull)

I open the door and let mark in, he kisses me passionately on the lips, then he pushes me up against the wall grabbing my throat and tells me that I’m a naughty slut and deserves to be punished. He asks me what I am, I reply with a dirty little slut, that’s right he says. He grabs my hair tells me to sit on the sofa with my feet on the sofa and to play with myself, Mark is on the sofa opposite getting undressed. I start to tease my clit with my finger, whilst watching mark undress, this greedy slut is so wet with the thought that marks cock will be in my mouth very soon. Once undressed mark tells me to go to where he is, but to crawl to him, I do as I’m told and crawl to him, this made me even wetter as I crawled to mark. Now suck my cock bitch.

I start by licking his cock and spitting making his cock wet with my spit. I take him in my mouth and start giving him blow job, his hands are on either side of my head, Mark pushed my head so his cock is balls deep in my mouth and hold me there. Now suck it slut, I start sucking mark harder and deeper. I’m moaning as I suck your cock. I love the feeling of marks cock in my mouth. He holds my heads and slaps his cock over my face and in my cheek. Suddenly mark says enough.

He pulls me to my feet and kisses me, now crawl upstairs for me slut. I do as I’m told and crawl the stairs while mark watched from behind spanking me as I climb the stairs.

Once upstairs we stand in front of my mirror, He pushes me to my knees and I start to suck his cock, you hands are on my head and you start to face fuck me rough, gagging as I go, mark pulls out and spits on my face and then rubs it all over my face, and tells me what a dirty slut I am and that sluts need to punished. Mark puts his cock back in my mouth and fucks me hard, his cock hitting the back of my throat, making me so wet!

On the bed slut mark said, as I got up, Mark spun me around and spanked my arse hard, making me moan with each strike. Get on the bed slut he said. Mark finger fucked my pussy so hard, making me squirt. I love it when mark makes me squirt. Mark unwrapped the condom and put it on whilst I licked his balls.

I’m on my back with my legs spread wide, parting my lips as Mark pushes his hard cock deep inside my wet cunt. Mark is fucking me hard, my tits bouncing with every thrust!

Mark I want your cock deeper in my cunt, Mark lifted my legs and placed them on his chest and entered me deeper. Oh fuck I screamed fuck me oh yes this is how your slut should be fucked.

Mark told me to ride him. I climbed on top, opened my cunt wide and lowered my self on his hard cock. That feeling when marks cock is balls deep in my pussy, makes me so wet and moany, I love riding mark. But I love sucking Marks cock more. I told mark that I wanted him to face fuck me more, whilst I fucked my pussy with my dildo. I had a face full of cock, Mark was close to cumming, please mark cum on my face I said, he came all over my face and hair, I licked his cock clean, like a good slut.

I love making Mark moan and it turns me on to know that his dirty little slut whore, makes him very happy and throughly pleasured!

We are up to date now, I’m sure there will be more to come!!!!!