Written by 55active

4 Apr 2008

I told you about me fucking my next door neighbours arse on Tuesday after she had heard me and my missus at it on Monday night. Well she met me in the drive yesterday and asked if we could talk. We went inside and as she stood in the hall she explained herself. She and her husband only have sex about once every 6 months and it has been like that for 10 years. She uses a dildo for pleasure but after hearing my missus on Monday she needed the real thing. Would I give her regular sex she asked me right out. I said of course but it had to on the basis that our partners did not find out. She agreed we both had too much to lose as we enjoy a good life apart from her lack of sex!!!! We grinned she took of her raincoat and stood bollock naked in front of me. My brain engagd my cock and she knelt in front of me and unbuckled my trousers. She then ate my cock and that is the only way I can describe it. She sucked and kneeded my balls until it hurt. In a nice way!! Eventually I turned her round and got her to lean on the stairs and fucked her doggy style. I fingered her arse and she came before me which believe me did not take long. We kissed and she asked me to lick her cunt so we 69d on the wooden floor. I sucked her clit and ate our cum. She got me hard and I came again. Then I started fingering her arse and cunt until my knuckles hurt and she was just moaning and moaning. My cock would not rise to the occassion quick enough before she shuddered and actually gushed with cum. We lay there and she started laughing and crying at the same time. After a couple of minutes we went into the kitchen and I made a cup of tea whilst she sucked my cock. It was surreal we sat and drank and she just played with me. We sorted a few things out and she put on her coat and left. I told her to surprise whenever she wants. So I have lots to look forward to I am very very happy to say.