Written by The doc

30 Nov 2012

A couple of years ago I was working in a medical centre in Germany looking after soldiers and their families. It was a small medical centre and everyone got on pretty well, generally. I was serving unaccompanied as my wife was still in the UK as a result of schooling issues. One of the receptionists, Sharon, was moving back to the UK as her husband had been posted. Her children had gone back early with her parents and it was literally days to do. Sharon was about 5'7'', v slim with lots of blonde hair and a very northern accent. Her husband, Gary was a stocky ex-rugby player who was a strong boy as I knew from training with him, but a hopeless runner! They were a very happy couple.

The day before the removal men arrived she held a working bbq at her quarter in order that we could help her dismantle furniture and pack. The day arrived and we went round and did the jobs and had a bizarre bbq using up the last of her food and drink which she could not take back. Lots of piss taking and messing around and I, due to my situation, was nicknamed the monk. In the early evening couples started to drift off back to their own houses and the others got a taxi. I was still helping with the last few bits and so Sharon suggested I stayed over (not drunk but too much to drive) on a mattress and Gary would drop me back the following morning. I agreed and we relaxed with tea and chatted. I then headed off and showered before climbing into a sleeping bag on my mattress. I heard the shower run again before they went into the room opposite mine.

I could hear them talking and giggling but after 10-15 minutes it went quiet and I texted my wife goodnight and settled to sleep. However, after about 10 minutes I heard noises - and v quickly heard the unmistakable sound of a couple fucking. I could hear Sharon moaning and although they were on a mattress I could hear Gary fucking her. I felt my cock harden and stroked myself at the erotic noises from behind their door. It went quiet for a few minutes and I wondered if they were finished, but then it started again. This pattern of noise and quiet continued and I strained to hear what I could. It was getting easier as Sharon was pretty noisy and getting louder - I could hear her saying things I could not make out. Very erotic sounds.

After a few minutes I am not sure what possessed my but I got up and went out of my room and along the corridor to the bathroom on the pretext of using the toilet. I did not need to but I had hoped their door was ajar, which it wasn't unfortunately. I flushed for effect and went back to my room leaving my door slightly ajar. It was quiet now and I wondered if I they had stopped as I had moved and I lay a little frustrated. Then it started again and the sounds were clearer, I could hear Sharon groaning and saying yes,yes and oh god which was so horny.

After a while it again went quiet and then I heard the sound of someone getting up - I could not see but they went to the kitchen, got a drink from the fridge and went back to their room - I could not see but waited for the door to shut, which it never! I lay in bed not really knowing what to expect as it was quiet at this stage. I could hear talking but not what was said. It went quiet and then they started again - now the much clearer sounds of a couple having sex. I turned on my mattress and then took the calculated gamble of opening my door further.

I was greeted by the sight of Sharon sitting astride Gary fucking him. Her thin figure slid up and down on his cock while his hands held her hips moving her in time. She would lean forward and kiss him or let him suck her small but well shaped breasts. Fuck yes she was saying as she rode him. I was, by now, wanking hard at the sights and sounds in front of me. After a while she climbed off and lay on her back and Gary went down between her legs and started to lick her pussy. His head moved slowly as he licked her and at times stayed still as he seemed to fuck her with his tongue. She pulled his hair, moaning and thrust her pelvis into his face. I had seen live shows around the world but this was real. Then things changed again! Sharon suddenly knelt on all fours facing the door looking straight at my door. I ducked behind embarrassed at being caught watching them hiding from view and breathing heavily. I then heard her exhale hard and assumed he had just entered her. Again I could hear them fucking. I gambled and looked again and Sharon was on all fours with Gary behind her holding her hips and sliding into her. I watched this girl, with whom I had worked for over a year, being well and truly fucked. As I watched Gary suddenly spoke - "not sure what other hints we can drop here really" he said, and Sharon smiled at me.

In a state of disbelief I walked toward them as they continued to fuck. They paused for a second and Sharon reached out for my erect cock pulling it toward her mouth. She kissed my cock and whispered for me to lie down, and I of course obeyed. She took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me deeply, while Gary started to fuck her again. I looked down at this "normal wife" being fucked by her husband and alternating between licking along my cock and taking it deep into her mouth - gorgeous and a real expert. This continued for a while and she then took me from her mouth, moved away from Gary and moved up my body. As I lay on my back she moved up and lowered her pussy onto my face. I reached up to play with her nipples and started to lick her soaking pussy tasting her wet juices. I alternated between licking along it's length, fucking her hole with my tongue and occasionally using my fingers to open her slightly and give me access to her clit. I could hear her moaning and her hands alternated between pulling my hair and playing with her breasts. Now i have told you that seeing the woman I worked with in action was a shock, but not as bigger one as what came next.

As I continued to lick Sharon's pussy although I could not see, but I felt a hand grip my cock. I then felt a set of lips slide over my cock, which was the shock as I could see Sharon's face - Gary was sucking my cock! I stopped immediately but Sharon spoke to me saying" it's ok, it's ok - carry on licking me". This was a real first for me and not something I have ever contemplated. Logic says if you are getting your cock sucked whilst licking a wet pussy how can it be bad - but I was still very shocked. This pause seemed to last an eternity (prob 1-2 seconds) and then Sharon looked at me, smiled and said "lick me". So I did - I lay there drinking her juices feeling a man suck my cock for the first time. And I have to say he too was very good.

This continued for a while before Sharon lifted herself from my face and moved back down my body - she put one hand each side of my head and kissed me hard - "I want you to fuck me" she said and smiled. I then felt Gary take my cock from his mouth and position me before feeding my cock into his wife's wet cunt. She slid down taking me to the hilt and began to ride me - slowly at first lifting up before taking me deep again. I could hear myself moving in her wetness. Gary then appeared kneeling beside us and pulled Sharon's mouth onto his cock so she sucked him taking him deeply. Initially she moved slowly and I watched his cock moving in and out of her mouth - it was so erotic. He then started to fuck her mouth holding her head as he moved - she certainly knew how to suck cock. I continued to move inside her wet pussy completely engrossed in the eroticism of this strange situation. This again continued for some time before Sharon climbed off me and lay on her back - Gary immediately climbed between her thighs and needed no guidance as he slid into her and started to fuck her - she moaned out loud and urged Gary to fuck her harder - he slammed into her and her body went rigid as she came - a huge orgasm during which she almost cried. She then lay still as Gary slowly moved inside her. I was watching at this stage and wondered if it would finish now - the answer was no.

Sharon pushed Gary onto his back kneeling beside him. She looked at me and said - 'come closer and watch". I moved down and she took his cock into her mouth slowly moving her lips up and down. It was still covered in her juices as she took it deep in her mouth looking at me. She then took it from her mouth, smiled at me - angled his cock toward me and said "try it". Another long pause as I looked at her and Gary "try it" she said again and Gary said "it's ok mate".

I moved toward it - opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. I had never before touched another cock other than my own. But I had experienced quite a few and based upon that I started to move my mouth on his cock. I could taste Sharon on his cock and as my confidence grew I held, sucked and licked his cock. Gary to his credit lay still and did not move in my mouth and started to say encouraging things and how it felt good. Sharon moved back in took it from me and sucked him again - and for the next few minutes we took it in turn to suck his cock - which I really started to enjoy. Gary suddenly said " I'm getting close" and whilst I enjoyed it, I was not ready for that next step. Sharon knelt over him and suddenly started to suck him quickly and he moved in her mouth - Gary suddenly went rigid and pushed his hips up off the bed - Sharon stopped moving and I watched her cheeks expand as he pumped his cum into her mouth - I was inches away and saw her swallowing hard - possibly the most erotic thing I have ever seen. He softened in her mouth but she kept sucking slowly drawing out every last drop. he slumped back spent.

"Now you" she whispered - "what do you like"? I looked at Gary and he just said "enjoy'. I pushed Sharon onto her back and quickly licked her pussy making it even wetter. Then i climbed up and slid deep into her cunt - for the next few minutes I alternated between long slow strokes looking at her - then hard fucking - her excitement started to grow again - her breathing changed, she moved against me and started telling me to "fuck her" and telling me what to do. I then wet my finger, slid it between our bodies and stroked her clit. She exploded and squeezed me with her thighs thrashing her head from side to side and I felt her pussy tighten round my cock - i was trapped inside her. I too was close now so I pulled myself from inside her, moved up and knelt by her head. I wanked hard and suddenly shot wave after wave of cum on her face - she opened her mouth swallowing what entered her mouth.

I collapsed next to Gary and looked at this woman who you may see collecting her children from school every day - covered in sweat and cum. "Another shower I think" she said and walked down the corridor.

I spoke to Gary not sure whether to laugh, apologise or what. I told him it was a first for me and he told me he guessed that - but it was good. We assured each other that it would go no further - and Gary admitted that they had enjoyed many nights fantasizing about what they could do with me. We both then wished we had done it earlier rather than just before they left. Sharon returned drying herself and said "next one" and Gary jumped up and disappeared - "You're a dark horse" I said and she smiled saying that she and Gary had some experiences that were best kept private. She also said she loved that Gary was adventurous and a little beyond curious but had no interest in meeting men alone - it just worked for them and she loved seeing it.

Gary returned in a towel and said "it's free mate' and I walked down to the bathroom and showered. In the shower I contemplated what I had just done - shocked did not cover it. But it was so fucking horny. I left the shower and dried off before walking back toward the bedroom. Their door was still open as I had left it and they were under the duvet cuddling. "Great night" I said - "sleep well". I turned toward my bedroom only to hear " this bed is big enough for three'!!!