Written by Darrin

22 Apr 2008

Sorry if this is too long but please stay with it.

Last New Years Eve I got the biggest shock of my life from what I had always considered the least likely source.

A whole group of us who have been friends since our teens, we are all early to late 40s, got together at the new home of Lynne and Michael for a New Years Eve party.

There were quite a few of the kids there ranging from 7 to 17 years old and they were all gathered in the living room listening to music and chatting. The adults centred around the new kitchen diner which was Lynne's new pride and joy. Lynne and Michael had had a lot of work done on the house and had a new bedroom and bathroom extention as well as the kitchen diner. Lynne had taken all the women on tours around the house as she excitedly showed off the new work and decor.

The men got stuck into the booze and the usual ribald comments were made out of earshot of the kids and wives.

I was talking to one of the guys, Laurie, when his wife, Heather, came into the kitchen and joined us. We chatted about the work Lynne had had done and they told me that they were going to have a new kitchen in January and asked if I would mind giving Laurie a hand with the pipework and electrics. We made some rough plans to get together the following weekend and do a spot of planning. Heather was popping backwards and forwards between the kitchen and living room checking on her kids and helping herself to a glass of wine each time she came back to us. I noticed she was becoming quite tipsy and very chatty with all around her, quite different from her normal sober and prim demeanour.

As the party warmed up and we approached midnight we all made our way into the living room with the kids to see in the New Year. Michael did the first foot honours and we all sang "auld lang syne" together before the kissathon started between the adults whilst most of the kids recoiled in horror.

Shock number one of the evening came when Heather turned to kiss me and she went straight in with the tongue. This was so far removed from anything I had seen in the 25+ years I had known her that I was taken aback. "You're not a prude are you" she said as she saw my shocked look. I said "You know I'm not but I never thought you would do that" she simply answered "Haven't you always been told to look out for the quiet ones?" and gave me a mischevious look. Heather moved around the rest of the group dishing out the more conventional kisses leaving me to wonder what that was all about.

The adults gravitated back to the kitchen for more drinks and eats and our own type of music whilst the kids made their own fun with their music in the living room.

We were all dancing with each other and having a great time and the drink was in full flow. I needed the toilet and went for the downstairs loo, just off the kitchen, but the door was shut as someone else was in there so I made my way up to the main bathroom upstairs. No luck there either so I dived into the new en-suite in Lynne and Michaels room and relieved myself. After a quick handwash I left the room and made for the stairs, as I went to pass the bathroom the door opened and out came Heather. As she came out she stumbled and I caught hold of her to stop her falling. As I did she said "sorry" "but thanks anyway" and before I could say or do anything else she kissed me and again shot her tongue in. This time I found myself responding and enjoying holding her and could feel a distinct stirring in my trousers. I thought to myself, this is wrong, snogging with one of my mates wives while my wife and my mate are downstairs, before I came to my senses and said "Come on Heather, I think perhaps the drink is getting the better of you"

"No it hasn't, I know what I am doing and what I want" she said which threw me completely and I struggled for a reply. "Lets get back to the party downstairs" I said and we returned to the kitchen.

Heather helped herself to another drink and I talked to her brother, Chris,and a couple of the guys for a while though my head was swimming wondering what was going through Heather's head. Here was someone who I had never had any sexual thoughts towards in all the years I had known her but who had come onto me and I felt a little weird that I had started to stir down below.

As the night wore on people came and went but the hard core remained drinking, dancing and talking and generally having a great time. At one point Chris asked me to give him a hand with Laurie who had passed his limit and fallen asleep sitting at the dining table. Michael suggested we take him him upstairs to his bedroom and let him sleep it off for a while so Chris and I took him up. We took off his shoes and laid him on the bed and threw the quilt over him. When we got back downstairs I told Heather what we had done with Laurie and she said "thanks, he always does that when he has a drink, I'll look in on him later"

I popped into the living room to see if the kids that were left were okay and they had fallen asleep on cushions, chairs and sofas so I left them to it and returned to the kitchen. By now we were dancing to much slower music and it was was more of a shuffle around that anything too energetic. Again when I had a slow dance with a slightly rejuvenated Heather I felt a stirring when I held her close and this time she felt it also. She just looked up at me and grinned but I apologised immediately. "no need "she said "just glad I can still get a reaction out of someone".

I could feel myself blushing and excused myself to visit the loo. Again I went upstairs but this time the bathroom was empty so no need to disturb Laurie. After finishing, I washed my hands and threw some water over my face in an attempt to cool myself off a little and made to leave the bathroom. I opened the door and Heather was stood there."I've just checked on Laurie, he is out for the count" she said and I went to go past her to return downstairs. As I brushed by she grabbed me by the arm and swung me around and before I could do anything she kissed me. I went to pull away but she leaned forward and kissed me again. This time I responded and felt the surge of a full blown erection in my trousers. Heather also felt it and as I held her my hand strayed across her neat bottom. We were like a pair of teenagers on heat and I moved her across the landing away from the stairs so that we could part if anyone came up. I started to unbutton her blouse and soon had her pert little breasts out and was sucking on her little pink nipples. All the while she was struggling with my belt and zip as she took out my penis and started pulling on it for all she was worth. I teased her skirt up inch by inch until I was stroking the bare flesh of the back of her thighs. Then on up and over the waistband of her panties to knead her lovely bottom. Heather was breathing very heavily and pushing her vagina up against my penis. I took a chance and squatted down to take her panties off and stuffed them in my pocket. I stood up and lifted the front of her skirt and taking my penis in hand started to rub her now very wet slit. She held on tight to both of my arms and was standing on tiptoes groaning lightly as I ran my penis up and down her slit. She was now asking me outright over and over again to "put it in" "please put it in". I was desperate to get in so I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned her back to the wall and in one move slipped the full length of my penis up her. She came very quickley in an almighty squelch and said hurry up and fill me. I only lasted about 30 seconds and blasted my sperm into her. It was so intense my knees almost buckled but I managed to keep her wedged against the wall. As I pulled out an large dollop of sperm dripped onto the carpet.Heather dropped her legs and went into the bathroom and came back with some toilet roll to clean up the carpet. I gave her her panties back and she went back into the bathroom to sort herself out. I took the chance to go back downstairs and slip back into the kitchen for another drink. I felt sure that someone would notice my flushed state but nobody did. I guess I was being hypersensitive but in reality I had only been upstairs for a few minutes and had not been missed.

Even if I had been I doubt a single person there would believe that Heather of all people would have been up to what she had just done. They, like me, would have been shocked.

The thrill of what happened gave way to guilt and then back to thrill again. We never spoke about what happened until the following weekend when I went around to look at the kitchen with Laurie. Laurie wasn't in when I got there but was on his way home. We had a cup of tea while we waited and talked openly about what happened at New Year. She said she had needed that so much and had wanted me all those years ago when we were younger but couldn\'t do anything about it as she was Kate's,my then girlfriend and now wife, best friend back then. She told me that Laurie's lack of bedroom activity when in drink and the effect of drink on her had loosened her inhibitions and it was a spur of the moment thing to go for it. She said she had suffered terrible guilt trips for Kate over the next couple of days but these had subsided and she was okay with what had happened.

I asked if she was expecting anything else but she said that she did not want to jeopardise our marriages but wanted to leave the door open for something, she didn't know what, at a later date.

As I said at the beginning, I was shocked that Heather, the original Miss Prim, would even contemplate never mind do such a thing but as she said, look out for the quiet ones.