Written by Pamandjon

25 Apr 2012

This is what my wife told me the other night whilst being intimate.

We were going out for the night so she decided that she would get some new clothes as she wanted to look sexy. Well that she did !

When she came downstairs from getting ready I couldn't believe my eyes, there she was short black dress with a plunging neckline. Wow I couldn't wait to get home before we went out.

When we were eating I couldn't take my eyes off her, like a few of the other men in the room. As the night went on she got a little more drunk and a little more daring. Do you like my new altfit ? she asked. Before i got the chance to reply she pulled her dress to one side revealing her 36C breast. She has bought one of them bras where everything is in show. There we were sat at a table with her bare breast out being held up by this amazing piece of underwear. I looked across to the next table, I think the older man approved too as he gave her a wink.

When did you get that I asked, I will tell you later came the reply.

On the way home I couldn't keep my hands off her. There we were driving home, she was almost naked as i slipped a finger deep inside the freshly shaven lovehole.

We arrived home and didnt even make it upstairs. Where did you get that then I asked. Well i went to this lingrie shop in town when I asked if i could try on a few things. Sure said the salesman, just give me a shout if you need anything. She said she was trying on a bra when suddenly she heard "excuse me, would you like to try this " with that a hand came through the curtain and passed her a shelf bra. She tried it on and said she felt incredibly turned on as she could see him watching her through the gap that she had pruposely left in the curtain.

Next time we're hoping to go on camera and have some added fun, if we can work that bit out.