Written by stocking fan

13 Jul 2007

We are a normal married couple living in suburbia, my wife kate is 43 good looking conservative housewife, we have a normal healthy sex life.

I have a fetish for stockings which kate knows about but rarely we have chance to indulge in. Except for a couple of weekends ago when our kids where away at scout camp.

Kate and I decided to go to London shopping, we had a great morning and went for Lunch. Over lunch we started to chat about what we should get upto, I suggested we had a sex night when we got home. Kate loves to be pampered so I suggested she buy some new lingerie. To my suprise she agreed and said why dont I choose it with her. Instantly my cock twitched and I could tell she was geting horny.

After lunch we went to agent provocateur and kate tried on some lingerie, I had a hardon while she was choosing it. We paid for it and left not knowing what she had finally chosen.

On the way home in the car kate started talking dirty which is very unusual for her. She eventually unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand down her panties to have a quick wank.

She said "my cunt is very wet, i need a big cock to fill me up", instantly my cock was hard. Eventually she calmed down after a quick orgasm.

When we got home as soon as we got through the door, I told her to unzip my trousers and suck my cock. Kate was obviously still turned on and obliged, she un zipped her jeans and removed them. Her white M&S panties had a big damp patch in her gusset.

As she as sucking my hard cock she said how do i want to fuck her whele she was wearing her new lingerie.

This was too much for me so I turned her round pulled her panties to one side and fucked her wet juicy cunt. Meanwhile she was using language that I had never heard her use before which was a real turn on.

I only lasted a couple of minutes and I asked kate where wanted me to cum, she answered over her bum, so I shot my cum over her bum and panties, my cum was so powerful I even shot some in her hair.

What a turn on, the real fun then began.