Written by snowman

20 Dec 2011

Yet another idea to spice up our sex lives not quite working out like I expected.

Simple enough really. I asked June if she was up for getting dressed up and doing some late night shopping at a well known local supermarket seeing as they had gone 24hrs for christmas.

She asked exactly what I had in mind, and I responded saying just play it by ear see if anything happens if it does, then go with the flow. I would be in the shop as well but not with June.

So nice hot bath, make up, and a quite short very fitted black dress matching heels, and very slinky seamed stockings along with matching black suspender belt, bra and sheer panties.

She looked good enough to eat, topped off with black gloves and a short red coat. I dropped her at the door of the place, so she didnt have to far to totter in her heels.

I parked up the car and followed after a few minutes. June had taken a small trolley with her and I soon spotted her in the ailes, or heard her really, her heels clacking quite loudly as she made her way around the store.

I was discreet but fully intended to get some candid shots with the mobile. June was really getting into it, with lots of reaching and bending , it amazing how much stuff is on the bottom shelves !

She hadnt been in the store more than 10 minutes before she got a follower or two, both guys trying not to be obvious, but with clear views of Junes stocking tops, the outline of her suspender straps through her dress and the sound of her heels it was hard to not to be drawn to her.

Eventually after passing June several times one of the guys knocked into her trolley with his , fairly pathetic but it worked and a conversation sprang up, probably not all that sprang up from him.

He walked around the rest of the store with her, taking every opportunity to touch when he could get away with it.

On reaching the checkout, he stood very close to June helping guide her through. His hands continually roving over her bum no doubt feeling the outline of those taught suspenders and the outline of her panties.

June had seen me earlier, but as I had said go with the flow, we didnt speak. What surprised me here, was that she left the shop with the guy, who was carrying her bags.

Instead of going to our car, she walked with him to the rear of the store, where there was some further parking but in an almost hidden area, usually where the local youths go.

I followed a little concerned, even more so when they reached his car and got in the front.

The area was poorly lit, but I was able to get a good view inside the car, by standing in the bin area, in fact I was only about 2feet from the side window of the car where June was sitting.

What happended next was shocking, exciting and unexpected. The guy was all over June, her coat unbuttoned along with the top of her dress, her bra pulled down over her breasts while he squeezed them and kneaded her nipples with is fingers.June was responding, her legs apart and her dress riding up above her stockings. The guy shifted his attention to Junes panties which were quickly pulled and tugged down over her shoes, he must have dropped her seat, because I was now looking down on her, legs spread, the guy thrusting his fingers into her, he must have been satisfied she was ready, because he rolled over onto her I couldnt see him go into her, but Junes response suggested his cock was well into her, his backside rising up and down as he roughly fucked her.

This all lasted less than 10 minutes, when he was empty. June made to clean herself up and tidy her clothes.

At this I returned to our car and waited. A little while later she returned. I told her that I had seen everything and asked her what she felt,

June said she enjoyed it although he was very quick and quite rough, he hadnt used protection. She asked if I was happy about what had happened, she took my hand and placed it inside her panties, feeling the sticky mess left behind. I couldnt bring myself to say anything about her exploit.