Written by blueheart

4 Jul 2010

I'm a bi married guy and I've had a few bi meets since my first adult meet in 2004. I don't meet guys often, for obvious reasons, and I like to stick to trusted ones when I do. I had been seeing a guy on an infrequent basis for a couple of years and we had had some real fun. He is dom and I am most definitely sub so our relationship worked a treat. Unfortunately we have difficulty meeting regularly, mainly because we are married but also because we live quite a way apart. We hadn't met for about a year despite trying hard to arrange something.

Now to the story: Due to me not meeting anybody for a year, I was horny for cock. Last Wednesday morning about 7 o'clock on the 30th June I was in the SH Chatroom and talking to a local friend called James. We often chat online and some time ago we had met for a wank session in my house but that was our only get together. We didn't touch each other but we did get naked and had eased our individual "tensions" while we looked at photos of my wife on my TV. I love showing off her pics like that because it appeals to my sub side knowing the other guy is probably lusting over her.

I quite often get naked on cam in the chatroom but this time we were watching somebody else on cam and just chatting. I was naked and stroking and so was James apparently. As we chatted I told him I was hungry for some cock and hadn't met anybody, including my dom guy, for about a year, he told me he was horny too and was getting close to cumming before he left for work, just the same as I was.

I said to him that it was a pity he couldn't pop round for another wank session like last time. He replied that would be nice and said he might just do that. I quickly typed "how about a quick BJ?" He replied OK, I'll be round in about 10 minutes. Wow,I very swiftly had a shave and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash, grabbed a straight amateur DVD, popped a pair of shorts on and a teeshirt, went downstairs and waited. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and it was James in his work clothes. I showed him in, started the DVD and got naked as he stripped next to me. We both sat on my settee looking at the DVD and I wound it forward to a good scene as we slowly started stroking our cocks to hardness. I was looking at his cock and it was obvious we were both a bit horny even after about 5 minutes, I was breathing quite hard and I could see some precum on the tip of his cock.

James then said "do you want to stroke this?" and I replied "would you like me to suck it?" He said "yes" and I knelt between his legs and started.

I licked and sucked, squeezing his balls gently. I was so horny and moaned to myself as I sucked. I could feel his cock get harder, it is a lovely size and shape with a slight upward curve which I love. It didn't take long before he was groaning and thrusting gently into my mouth. I was in my element, on my knees sucking like the sub slut I sometimes am and love to be. I could feel the veins and silky skin with my tongue as I worked.

With the head in my tight lips I wanked his shaft and he soon told me he was close. I felt a sudden hardness as he told me he was cumming and I just kept sucking as he spurted his spunk into my slutty mouth. I had made a guy cum with my mouth and kept it there as he spurted. There was no nasty taste and I didn't feel the need to wash my mouth.

After a quick wipe up with a paper towel, James dressed and left leaving me to make myself cum. Him using me like that for his pleasure alone really appealed to my sub side too. I felt like a real cumslut.

I really loved doing what I did, I felt proud to have done it and e-mailed James immediately to tell him how much I'd enjoyed blowing him and that I'd like to do it again.

Previously I had made my dom guy cum with my mouth but had never taken all of his cum in my mouth. I had tasted his cum and had directed it on my face and in my hair but never all in my mouth.

I think I can truly say I've given a blowjob now and I can't wait to do it again, maybe next time he'd like me to swallow it all and clean him with my mouth before he leaves for work?

James, if you're reading this, tell me what you think please, I'm ready to please you again!