Written by stan

12 Nov 2009

(continued from part one).........So there I was sitting on my sofa opposite Debbie trying desperately to remove any awkward thoughts from my mind concerning this gorgeous middle aged lady; Nicks wife. But try as I might that sight along the outside of her thigh just would not let me go! We chatted away as if we were friends. Laughed a bit about her husband as I filled her in on what he was like to work with. She agreed that some times he could be a spanner short of a tool box from time to time and added that after the years that they had been married she'd got use to his funny ways.

She accepted a third glass on wine and as she leaned forward to give me her glass she uncrossed her legs her knees parted just for a second but long enough for me to catch that longed for glimpse. Tan nylon all the way to her crotch. White knickers. My hand shook slightly as I took her empty glass in to the kitchen to refill.

While I was in the kitchen I could hear her speaking on her mobile. It turned out that she had quite sensibly decided that, although not drunk, she had had a little too much to drive herself home and she had asked Nick to come and collect her. She was a bit put out as Nick had refused to come out and had asked her to get a cab.

I placed the glass on the low table between the sofas and 'repositioned' myself. While she was distracted with the call to a cab company my eyes greedily took in the glorious vision. She was now sitting forward on the sofa having obviously had to get her phone out of her hand bag. Her grey skirt had once again ridden up four or five inches back from her knees, to the side of her thigh as the material fell away from her leg I could again just make out the darker tan of the top of her tights towards the top of her thigh.

Unconsciously my hard on had returned.

I continued to observe her as she ordered a cab. She mouthed a 'thank you' for the wine and as she looked at me there was no way that she could not have noticed the direction of my gaze. Slowly she she stroked her shin with her free hand. The way women do. I followed the route of the caress as her hand came to rest on her knee.

She finished her call. It turned out that there was an hour and a half to wait until she could be picked up. She asked if she could use my bathroom, rose from the sofa and went down the hall. I took the opportunity to once again try and compose my thoughts.

'Well if I've got to wait that long to go home at least I can enjoy some more wine!' she said as she came back in to living room. This time she didn't return to the sofa opposite but sat at the other end of mine! I heard that wonderful swishing sound as she sat herself down. Her knee length skirt sliding up as usual. Perhaps she had chosen to sit next to me rather than opposite having sensed the arousal in me from trying to see up her legs, I thought. Anyway we settle back and chatted once more.

Time passed and we carried on where we had left off. Finally we found ourselves talking about her job at the bank. How times were hard. How she was lucky still to have a job and how she welcomed my bit of extra business and once again she slid one thigh over the other as she crossed a leg towards me. Her skirt flared out at the side again and as we talked it must have been obvious how my eyes flicked too often in the direction of her legs.

'Given your performance tonight, I'd be only too pleased to contribute towards your bonus!' I found my self saying, not realising at the time how cheesy that might sound. She laughed and took it the right way.....as I was just about to find out. Her next comment was possibly influenced by that third glass of wine but it was music to my ears. I couldn't believe it as she asked, 'How big a bonus do you think I deserve?' as she glanced down at my twitching crotch.

My cock throbbed in my pants.

Yet again I glanced at her legs knowing that this time she was looking at me. I slowly traced the line of her thigh over her lap to wear it had tightened so attractively over her slight pot belly below the waist band of her skirt. My gaze continued up inside her jacket stroking the front of her breasts as it made its way past her nervous smile to meet her tastefully made up eyes behind her fashionable glasses. This woman full-filled everything that I dreamed a mature fifty year old woman should be.

Possibly it was a reflex that she couldn't control but her crossed leg flicked towards me and touched my shin. I could feel precum ooze from the tip of my cock inside my trousers.....Friends wife or not I had to have this woman!!This was one investment opportunity I wasn't going to miss.

I leaned forward as did she and our lips brushed gently, and gently again. I brushed the tips of my fingers on her knee down her shin and back to her knee again.

'Are you sure about this?' I asked. She looked like the type of respectble woman who just didn't do things like this, And she was married. I had to be sure.

'Yes, I think so' was all she said.

She uncrossed her legs. She kissed me harder and pushed her tongue between my lips placing a hand behind my head. I placed the palm of my hand on the out side of her knee and slid it slowly on the nylon. Her tongue began to dart in and out of my mouth as her breathing grew deeper and louder in my ear.

I looked down at my hand on her thigh as I slid it under the hem of her skirt. At last! I couldn't believe it! I was putting my hand up the skirt of my friends wife!

We continued to kiss, hard as I smoothed my hand over the top of her thigh under her skirt as she parted her knees, and as she parted her thighs. The feeling of her nylon tights on my hand as it rumaged under her skirt. I slid my hand down and pushed it under her arse I just had to give her bum cheeks a hard sqeeze pushing my fingers between them as far as the tights would allow.

She moved the hand that was behind my head to my crotch and inexpertly searched for my flys. As I slid the flat of my hand between her legs I heard the zip on my trousers as she quickly pulled it down. Oh my god! The touch of her hand on my penis as she pulled it somewhat roughly from my pants was my final encouragement. I pushed with my fingers on the crotch of her tights. Harder and harder as she wanked my cock.

Kissing, breathing, wanking an pushing. I pushed my finger into her fanny held back only by the nylon of her tights and knickers.....the pressure of my fingers proved too much and suddenly,very fast, they shot through the fabric pushing her knickers to the side and into her cunt unexpectedly. She let out a sharp squeal of pleasure and surprise as I explored her deliciously dripping hole pushing two fingers in and out teasing her clitorus and enjoying the warmth of her on my hand.

She pushed me back held her skirt up and lustfully straddled me and guided my hungry penis between her legs and into her. It felt like she had taken over as she rhythmically pumped on my lap. Her nylon clad thighs were now either side of me and I enjoyed the sensation of being allowed to stroke how ever and where ever I wished. My penis grew even more inside her. She lowered her mouth to mine yet again as her breathing grew even harder and louder.

'I'm cumming, oh my god, I'm cumming, can you cum too, can you cum t......'. She shivered and then finally relaxed on me and I started to pump against the wonderful weight that was now on my lap, pulling her down even harder as I thrust upwards into her. I could feel her tighten her cunt lips on my cock. She held onto me pushing my shoulders down. I brought my hands up onto her breasts and squeezed and pushed them on them out side her blouse. We were both still fully dressed with just the hole in her tights and my exposed penis allowing this to happen.

'Go on, go on, fuck me, fuck me it's what you've been wanting to do as you looked up my skirt isn't it? Go on, go on' .....I emptied my balls on and on and on into that fantastic woman!!

She relaxed onto my lap as we slowly calmed down.

At work the following day Nick mentioned, in passing, that Debbie said that she had had productive meeting at my flat the previous evening and that she wanted to discuss some further investment opportunities with me and that she would give me a ring........ I await the call!