Written by Mike & Jan

26 Sep 2008

This a true story which in the main isn’t too exciting compared to some of the other stories written on this site but it was out of the ordinary for me and Jan. We are both 50 and have good sex life but these days it’s usually in doors however, now and again we have been known to have sex out in our secluded back garden(yard). This particular night the wife and I had been out for a few drinks in Basingstoke and as Jan was under the influence of a few drinks I suggested that we go for a bit of outdoor fun and games. Happily and to my glee she agreed so we made our way to the Lime Pits . I knew this place to be a local car park just off the A30 which I have previously read about on this web site. There were only a couple of cars in the car park which spooked Jan a little but after a few minutes she settled and we got down to a bit of snogging. After a while things got a bit heavier and before long Jan had her hand in my pants and I had her blouse and bra off and was getting to grips with her ample boobs and stiffened nipples. However, this was a car park and as you would expect a cars came and went ad hock. Unfortunately Jan being Jan got very nervous about the state of her undress and covered herself up every time a car came and went. I told her not to worry about the other cars as no one would bother us. Eventually and not before time she stopped covering herself when she realised no one was going to park near us. However she didn’t consider the type of occupants one finds in this particular car park especially at this time of the night. Needless to say some have been known to alight from their vehicles and go walk a bout. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve read stories about the Lime Pits so it wasn’t unexpected when I saw a number of dark shadows moving around in various parts of the car park. However I would say that it is intimidating when you have movement directly outside your door and a pale face comes into view which is what happened on this particular occasion. Jan was flat out in the passenger seat and I was sucking and nibbling her nipples when I saw the face peering in the rear passenger window. I was looking up at him as I was sucking at Jan’s boobs trying to think of a way of showing Jan off to the best advantage. I half sat up to exposed Jans boobs and took the chance of undoing the zip on her trousers. I then eased open the material and pull at the sides to enable me to slide them down her hips. I then noticed that the person outside had moved to the front passenger window for what I presume was a closer look at Jan. I got Jans trousers down to about mid thigh when she gripped my arm and told me that that was far enough. No problem I thought as I could clearly see the outline of her red lacey pants and no doubt the guy outside could see them too along with Jans exposed upper body. I then went to sucking at her left boob before I snaked my right hand across her belly and in her pants. Jan then opened her legs and allowed me to cup her hairy mound in my hand before I easily slipped two fingers into her soaking fanny. She gasped as I pushed my fingers into her. I then tried to pull down her knickers but again she gripped my hand and told me not to pull them down. I then asked her what the problem was. She pulled me towards her and said that she didn’t want to show the man outside too much. I must say that I taken by surprise and was shocked if that was possible. Jan giggled and said that she saw him a couple of minutes ago looking through the window and froze. However she then said that she got a shiver down her spine and became excited at the thought of someone seeing her in a state of undress. I too was excited now that she knew he was out there and she was liking the thrill. Without further ado I put my right hand back into knickers and began to give her a good rub and dipped my fingers into her sopping fanny. Jan was so excited. Her legs opened and she began to moan and groan as I worked away at her. In all the passion Jan pants were forced further down her thighs and over her knees so she was fully exposed and on full view to our on looker as I pushed my fingers deep inside of her. Within a minute or two her moans increased and her back lifted and arched and she exploded. We lay there panting after the steamy frenzy but when we looked up the man had gone. We quickly dressed and prepared to go. As we left the car park Jan was talking twenty to the dozen telling me that she didn’t know what had come over her and that she felt incredibly sexy, naughty and wanton. Needless to say when we got home we got straight into bed and shagged each other stupid. Jan was on heat for the rest of the week with virtually no stop sex reliving the moment over and over. We had to admit that this experience has taken us to another level and an experience we will surely undertake again. Even now Jan is talking about getting some new sexy under ware to show off on our next adventure. I must admit deep down I am hoping every thing will come off next time.