Written by Bazsaz

21 May 2008

My wife S and I have been married for 20 years and we have done nothing with any one except last year at a party one of our friends mentioned that he admired her cleavage all night, and in front of me she asked would he like to see them. D nearly dropped his drink My wife is in late 30\'s and size 10 with very small tits but cute bum. His wife is size 18 /20 and huge tits. D stated that he has fancied small tits for years and then with out warning she pulled her top down and he kissed her nipples and that was that.

Since then I have begged her to do other things but she has said no.

Last Feb we got new phones and when i am pissed off at work I ask her to cheer me up and she sends a photo of her tits just for a laugh. We mentioned this at a party with other friends e& T, e said that was disgusting and that no one should see hers except in bedroom. T was interested straight away and when his wife went off talking he asked me if he could see the photos S who was drunk said we will send 1 to You. when we got home she asked me to take a photo of her and send it which I did and the reply was over the top.

On Monday S went away with work which happens about twice a year. As usual I asked her to enjoy her self and to go with some one as usual she told me off, but at mid night I got a text with a photo of her boobs with a question do I want more. She has never sent one of down below but the next photo showed her naked on a bed. I rang her immediately to point out some else must have taken the photo she didnt answer, she text back asking do I want to see more, this time with a photo of her fingering her self again taken by some one else.I was harder than I had been in years so sent back yes. The next photo was of her sucking a cock I nearly blew my load then. The next was of top of a head going down on her. I begged for a photo of her fucking the guy but she refused and stated that she would only fuck him if I was there and I would do something as well.

She then rang me telling me that it was T and that he had arrange a meeting at same venue with out telling anyone. while we where talking she described how she had sucked him off and made him cum over her face, also if he and I wanted T to fuck her( which we do) then I would have to suck T he agreed to quickly I after several seconds agreed. S then said this Saturday as E is away but that she will want more from both T and I. I want to know what has happened to my wife but I cant wait until weekend when she gets back,