Written by Roger333

6 Nov 2008

My wife is in her late 30’s and although for the majority of the time she is a mother / housewife with too many hang ups about her weight and the fact she is very shy, now and again she really loses her inhibitions and is incredibley sexy – almost verging on the slutty. It is this that for some time now has got me thinking about how to set a situation up where she might possibly have sex with another man. She is certainly on the curvy side with a 38E cup and we still have great sex, having been together some 15+ years. The thing is, I am on the small side – my cock is probably only about four and a half inches when erect (maybe five on a good day) but is also on the slender side. As much as she never complains, now and again she would joke about how small it is, but it would always be very good natured and I in turn always joke back about her big bum and big tits.

Anyway, a year or so ago, following one such incident about my size, I had my usual conversation about finding her some hung stud and how she wouldn’t know what to do with anything bigger. She didn’t take the bait, knowing I was joking, but that night she was really hot in bed and I was getting desperate to see how she would react to something bigger. I ordered a vibrator on the internet. It was black, just under 8 inches long and a LOT thicker than my girth. When it arrived she was not happy and said you can send that straight back. It got hidden away in a wardrobe and stayed in the box for some months. From time to time I would say sure you don’t want to try “bully” tonight, but with no joy. Finally, some time later, when we had been out with friends for a drink and the kids stayed with family overnight, I plucked up the courage to have “bully” ready when she came to bed. It helped that she was very tipsy and of course at first she put up plenty of resistance but that soon subsided and within minutes she was laying back with her legs open wide enjoying the sensation. It really is a fair bit bigger than me, especially girth wise and it was a real turn on to hear the panting and moans coming from her and she had a great orgasm.

Next day she was saying it hurt and it could go in the dustbin, but I somehow thought she was just saying that. Sure enough, over the next month or so, we used the vibrator a bit more. It was almost like an unwritten code that if I got into bed and she already had her panties off, then she was in the mood for bully – although nothing was ever said. If I did ever try and question her about the big size and is that what she liked, she’d go all shy and we’d be back to square one, so I didn’t press her but just enjoyed the fun it brought. When I started working away a bit, I mentioned that it was okay for her as at least she had bully when I wasn’t there and she said there is no way she would use it on herself and she made out she only agreed to use it to please me. I thought that she was probably telling the truth, knowing how shy she was and how the vibrator was always in the same place whenever I checked.

However, I started working away a lot more and was tending to only come back Fridays for the weekend and for the first time, when I checked in the wardrobe, I found that the vibrator was in a slightly different place. This really got my heart pounding to think that she was using it whilst I was away. I again joked one day about how when I am away, I sometimes need to have a wank and said no doubt you get bully out from time to time but she again assured me that was not the case and wasn’t bothered to go without sex. Next time I went away, I positioned the vibrator in a certain way at the top of the wardrobe and put two flat batteries in it. When I came home the following Friday it was not only in a completely different place within the wardrobe but it had two new batteries in it! That really made me horny! I didn’t let on as I know it would have an adverse effect. I just love knowing this and can imagine her using it on herself with the fantasies going through her mind as she does so. We also use it when we have sex at least once or twice a month – I am sure she is kind of hooked on the extra size and I am now toying with the idea of getting her a 10-12 inch one.

I know she would be up for anything in the right situation, especially when drink has flowed and the ultimate would still be to see her with a well endowed man. But that will always probably remain a fantasy?