Written by Big E

8 May 2011

Ever been wanting to show the wife off, but she's always shy when outside, covering up all the time. Well this was the position i was in.

While the hot weather was here i suggested that we had a trip the coast, to have a nice relaxing day. Off we went picnic etc and a few bevvys and we went to east coast near sutton on sea, chosen for it being rather quiet at times. We hired a beach hut for the day and settled down. The day grew really hot as we neared lunch time and wife decided to remove her short crop jeans to get a bit of sea breeze to her legs. She took them off the reveal a pair of nice loose pants which were very revealing near her crotch because she had a really hairy pussy, the hairs were stickng out either side. I don't know if she had noticed this or not but i wasn't saying anything, i was enjoying the view. The cabin fee included reclining chairs and we put them outside the cabin to get some sun. She lay there book in hand sun glasses on reading away. I stood pretending to have a good look round but quietly turning for a look at the hairy mass either side of her knickers. I found this so horny, even more so if someone else walked past and got a good view.

With it being quiet hardly anyone came past, but after a while a old guy in his 60's came walking towards us walking his dog on the lead. My wife never noticed he was coming too involved in her book reading, but i looked at her and noticed her legs had become wider apart revealing even more hair. My heart raced a bit as the guy got nearer, should i say something to her or just let it go and see what happens. I decided to say nothing.

"Nice Day" he said, as he approached, "yes" i said as he got very close to us. "You here for day or week then?" he asked, "oh just for the day" , just then he turned and saw my wifes open legs, his eyes popping out as he looked. "mmm you get some nice views from here don't you" he said whilst looking at my wife. "Yes there not bad are they?" i replied with a grin on my face. She popped her face over the top of the book to politely say hello to him then began reading again. She decided to get up and have a drink asking our visitor if he would like one. He agreed to have one and sat in another chair i got out for him. We sat for a while chatting then my wife said excuse me please i need to finish my book."oh don't mind me" the guy said as we both watched her lay back on the recliner. Somehow though the crotch of knickers had got smaller, so when she lay back down it had moved to one side exposing some of her pussy lips. WOW this got me and the old guys attention straight away. He kept shuffling his seat around so he could get a better view. She hadn't a clue what we were doing.The guy had got a real stiffy on , i only wish he could have shown her, but i know what the answer would have been. Anyway we enjoyed what we could see until she finished her book.

She sat up and said "another drink?" no he said i must be going my wife will be wondering where i am. "Well nice to have met you" "enjoying the rest of the day" he said as he began walking away. "I hope you enjoyed the views" i replied "very much" he said as he wondered off. A little later on my wife said "what views where you on about" "oh we were just looking out a sea" "looking at the wildlife,suprising what views you get out here"