Written by Northeastdave

25 Dec 2011

Iam dave 6ft1 fairly fit with short dark hair this happened when I was about 34ish I lived alone in a small terraced house to kill the boredom I started using chat rooms looking for female company.

I became very flirty with Kate a 38year old married woman looking for a lover with her hubby's consent after hours chatting on msn she arranged to stay the night with me

Saturday came I was bit nervous in a nice, way wine ready house tidyed up she was late the phone rang they where lost lol not to far of course I redirected them a silver BMW pulled up outside I wagged form the living room window as She got out about 5,8" long blonde hair black blouse and knee length skirt with split in it high enough to make out a stocking top and black knee high boots

I watched her move up the garden path she had a curvy figure large but not droopy breasts her waist pulled in by a large belt nice hips in proportion very nice I thought better than her picture.

I met her at the door invited her in she turned waved at the car it drove off we sat on the sofa I offered her some wine we talked as she drank watching tv I was it no hurry I had all night with her , she too was very nervous the first time she had done this though online very chat explicit about sex now shy which she had said was a problem for her,

After couple of hours sittig there arm around her shoulder I turned and kissed her she responded still nervous I began to unbutton her blouse revealing a black basque I removed her blouse kissing her neck moving down to her breasts I knelt on the floor eased her breasts from there cups kissing licking around her nipples ,she gasped her hands went up to cover her blushing face I worked on her belt un clipped her skirt she raised her hips I slid it down and off , real stockings suspenders black Lacey panties I parted her thighs began to kiss her inner thighs slowly moving up inwards I could smell her arousal as I neared her pussy I Sid her panties down and off gazed at her shaved pouting pussy kissing her thighs again they were trembling her body jumped as speed her thighs wide her pussy gaping and I licked it from the bottom to the top a few timesmaking her gasp tremble more before I placed both hands either side of her pussy pushing her lips wide exposing her love button I sucked on it licking around and flicking it with my tounge she was shaking panting still face covered in her hands as I worked on her pussy , she started to cry out her body went ridged as she came held her tight licking faster I tasted her love juices lapping them up as she shook in orgasm

I looked up pulling her hands from her face tears running down her cheeks " sorry " she said at my questioning gaze" I always cry when I come can't help it" "take it you enjoyed it then " I replied " a little bit" she said shyly looking down

I sat next to her she made no attempt to cover up istead she leaned forward her head sliding down into my lap her hands undid my belt she slid down the zip my cock was very hard (7" uncut) I felt her tounge on the tip as she licked a drop of precome from it I raised my hips slid my jeans down parting my legs giving her full access she held the base of my cock exposing the head sending shivers through my body as her mouth closed around my glands she began to suck licking my cock head " god I won't last long like this I thought" then she began to wank my cck into her mouth still Rythmicly sucking her mouth always in contact my balls tightened full I Had saved myself for the weekend with her my beat ing was becoming heavy she sensed I was close sucking wanking faster I went ridged as I came she sucked swallowed every drop as I shook in exticy