Written by Indulged and horny

8 Nov 2007

Quite simply we were gagging for it.

She was dressed a long skirt stockings and heels.She wore a shirt which allowed her ample breast to display and her incredible cleavage to impress.We were in the pub and having waited quite a while to be served the first time round she said "ill go to the bar, even the barmaids cant miss these" pointing out the magnificent breasts that were collecting so many envious glances. Well she was right .5 minutes later she was back with our drink but by this time my head was elsewhere.

I am carefull not to be push so when we left the pub I asked where she wanted to go.

Knowing that our house was full of teenagers she said "where ever you like".We drove along the river and as we went she removed the dress to reveal a mini skirt,stocking tops and very slight panties.We parked in a lay by by which time my free hand had been up and down her thighs and had felt and tasted her sweet moisture .The car beside us contained another couple who were oblivious to our presence and we set about each other with urgency.Her legs were on the dash and my hand found the wet warm entrance to her body.She wiggled and moaned and undid my zip.I sprung out ready for action when she noticed a guy standing at the window of the other car.He wsa watching the action in the other car and when she realised this she urged me to continue.

I had to ask her to stop wanking me as I was about to cum in the manner of a 16 year old over aporn mag.It has been years since I had a simple wank and she was still the mistress of the art.I worked on her until she moaned ,tensed and came with an excitement I adore.having relaxed she then set about wanking me until i could hold no longer.I covered my trousers ,my shirt her hands in what seemed to be a reservoir of cum.

She is still playing shy when others are about but i think she wants to be seen.I dont care if she does or doesnt just as long as the possibility of "being caught " encourages her to wear such flattering outfits and engage in such risque activities.