Written by James Taylor

8 Mar 2019

Well I thought why not try one of those dating sites you know lady seeks male for fun. There I was wondering was this for real or some such rubbish that would be a waste of time.

I wrote down my profile not expecting a huge reply after all I was at an age to know that it was me an older man, not realising

That some women like older men. I do know now though..

After a couple of days there it was a message in my in box I was hesitant in opening it all the while excited by the reply so feet first dived straight in the deep end.

We exchanged phone numbers and found each other very compatable discussing our sexual activity what turned us on likes and dislikes. Her name was Helen so we decided to meet each other somewhere safe so she felt safe there was a park 8 miles away popular with locals walking their dogs.

I described my car and on arrival got out and walked around if she didn't want to go through with this she could simply drive off, at that a blonde with shoulder length hair approaches and calls out my name.

We sat at a park bench and chatted awhile then as it started to get chilly I walked back to my car Helen got in the front seat before I had chance to get in the car.

Despite people walking past said do you like this. ? Hitching her skirt up showing holdup black stockings black silk knickers then pulling them to one side showing me a fresh shaven pussy with very swollen lips.

Taking my left hand putting it straight on this warm pussy now wet with her precum clearly visible. My cock was throbbing pressing hard on my jeans desperate to be released.

My heart was pounding she didn't seem to care if anyone saw her half naked or not now loosening my zip to release my now

Rock hard rock.

I know it's kinda corny but I said why not get in the back seat she didn't even open the door just climbed over I got out pretending to put something in the boot then got in the back with Helen.

She was like a wild animal grabbing my cock pulled the foreskin back so hard I let out yell only to find it down her throat as far as it would go.

Part two later.