Written by AllmanJ

23 Aug 2015

Absolutely true story

Went on a driving trip to catch up with the rest of the family whom had flown to Southern France and I thought I'll drive down via the Eurotunnel. Sister in law thought she would like to come as well which was a nice thought as the drive could be boring

Never fancied her or looked at her in any way sexual. We stopped in Bordeaux and thought we should find a hotel to rest before continuing our journey. Eventual as it was August we managed to find a double room quite close to the centre.

Went out that evening had a nice meal with a couple of bottles of nice Bordeaux red and sauntered back to he hotel. She complained she was feeling slightly fatigued due to the long hours in the car. SiS was 49 at the time, has a nice body but small but firm chest but still never crossed my mind.

Offered her a massage, which she grudgingly accepted after a short while. She was wearing shorts and a flimsy top and therefore I started on her legs. Spent about 20 minutes massaging each leg, spending time on her calf muscles before moving to her back and shoulders. Spent even more time there, slowing kneading all the aches and pains. By this time I had removed her bra (still lying on her stomach ) and had the freedom of her back. She was quite tense but I managed to soothe all the muscles to the point where she was most relaxed

Started again on her legs and this time got a bit bolder and moved my fingers close to her knickers but never bold enough to touch anything. I got close to feeling the hairs around her pussy but didn't touch her clit or slit in anyway. Lots of moans and sighs of pleasure which I was most pleased about but never pursued.

She said that was the best massage she had ever received but I suspect she was so close to giving into my massage she has never been tempted enough due to her closeness with her sister

Perhaps it's just me, I love the feel of massaging ladies as they feel like putty in my hands and the joy of knowing they are getting so much pleasure is a real turn on rather than the sex itself. She has let me massage her shoulders and on a couple of occasions her nipples but never beyond that.

Perhaps that's my vocation, giving ladies a wonderful rub down head to toe without extras...who knows :)