Written by Jack

17 Aug 2017

My sister in law Jill's 34DD tits swung in my face as she impaled herself on my iron hard cock. She groaned as she settled down and our pelvic bones met. I moved up and took a nipple between my teetn and nibbled it . This caused her to have a mini orgasm. Recovering she slowly began to ride my cock. Her breathing became shallower and she shuddered with another orgasm. This seemed to drive her into a fury and she rode me hard. I could contain myself no longer and felt myself fire three long sprays of sperm deep into her. She continued riding until I was dry and she had a final orgasm, collapsing on me gasping for breath.

Our relationship had started twelve years ago when she was 18. We were staying at her family cottage in North Wales and her mom and dad and her sister, my wife, had gone out for a trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. I didn't want to go as I had been before and Jill didn't like heights so she stayed as well. The morning passed quietly with Jill outside sunning herself and me in the lounge reading the newspapers. Towards lunch she came into the living room. She was wearing a strappy T-shirt and a short denim skirt. I put the newspaper down and looked up .

She came over sat on my lap and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. Without thinking I pulled her towards me and returned the kiss. My hand found its way under her T-shirt and cupped her breast, my forefinger and thumb working her nipple. I heard her groan at my touch and soon she shook to an orgasm. She broke the kiss and said 'Oh yes! Please fuck me. I want you to take my cherry. Pleeease!'

I began kissing her again and moved my hand onto her thigh and up under her skirt. She parted her thighs and my fingers felt the wetness of her panties. She, with my help. wriggled out of them and my finger slipped into wetness between her labia. I found her clit and began to work it. She was soon crying out with pleasure after several more mni orgasms . I asked if she was sure she wanted to make love and she insisted we did. I removed her T-shirt and skirt and pushed her down on her back on the settee. I stripped and parting her legs I lay on top of her, sucking her nipples and sliding my cock up and down her slit. 'Mmmmnnn that's nice she said, 'but let's do it.'

I placed my bell at her entarnce and gently pushed in until I felt her resistance. Waiting for her get used to me I played with her breasts. She was very wet by now so without warning I thrust hard into her breaking through deep into the promissed land. She felt wonderful. She groaned at my penetration but I could soon feel her cunt muscles exploring the strange thing that had entered her. She obviously liked it as she began to push up and down beneath me. I picked up her movements and thrust with her. Several minutes later hard at it I fired a large load deep inside her and felt her spasm her own pleasure.

We lay on the couch together for sometime getiing our breath and kissing afterwards.

She left to shower and get lunch. I dressed and cleared up the spreading stain of juices from the settee. I swear you can still see the mark today but no one else has commented.

We made love once more that afternoon in her bed and since then have taken every opportunity we have to make love.