Written by phil

5 Oct 2015

Hi this is a follow on from last time with my sister in law having 3sum . It is Saturday and she rings me saying can we meet , she says her hubby is fixing his car. We arrange to meet in redcar near bus staion , I am waiting and she turns up dressed in white looking mega sexy , she gets in the car I then see it is a button down front and quite short We kiss and I feel her legs and inner thighs to find she has got stockings on and then move futher up to find she has no knickers on , I say wow no knickers she laughs and says no bra has well and laughs . Carol then says less to take off more time to fuck and feels my cock which is hard , we drive up wilton lane and find place to park . Carol says I want it doggy and laughs saying I mean outside . I take a blanket from the boot and off we go into a field to a corner I place the blanket on the grass and we lay on it it is a nice sunny hot day , we start to kiss and I am unbuttoning the dress and start to suck her tits I just love them I then go down and start to suck her pussy which is wet and lick her clit . She stops me after a while and starts to suck my cock and balls paying more attention to the head pulling back my foreskin and sucking head I am fingering her pussy and clit , I hear a noise and look over to the right and see someone and they are watching us , I tell carol she says so who is it i say think it is the farmer , carol carrys on sucking my cock the guy /farmer starts to walk over to where we are in no time he is right near us and got his cock out wanking he says to me you going to fuck her . I get her on hands and knees and push my cock into her and fuck her doggy style . She tells the farmer to come her and grabs his cock and starts to suck him off , he is holding her head fucking her mouth , this makes me fuck her harder she is coming time and time again the farmer pulls out of her mouth long enough for her to tell me to push hard in and come , just has he shoots his load into her mouth , and i shoot deep in her pussy , when i pull out of her he askes if he can lick her clean she says yes , he licks her clean my spunk and her pussy juice she is now sucking me back hard . When i am hard she gives me a tit fuck and is sucking the bell end over the top of her tits the farmer is wanking again ,after a while she stops and i lay her down on her back legs up on my shoulders and slid my cock into her pussy and start to fuck her hard deep and fast which she loves and so do i the farmer is kneeling by her side and shoots over her tits has i unload in her pussy the farmer thanks us and goes we clean each other up and go back to the car , when in car carol says look and spunk is on her legs so has to plug her pussy with tissues before i drop her near her home she says hubby better not want sex today has my pussy is full of spunk , she reminds me it is her birthday in November and wants a surprise so i am arranging that lots more to come hope you like these true accounts has much has i like her and body wow what a lady her hubby is a mug has he treats her bad ect and i know he is fucking other women he thinks he has best of both worlds little does he know