Written by phil

16 Sep 2015

this is about what happened with me and my sister in law I fancied her for years she is size 16 with 42dd tits pretty well worth a fuck she was having a new years party and I went round when she saw me she kissed me with tongue going into my mouth which made my cock grow and I push her to the wall grinding my crutch into her she felt I was hard and I said in am going to fuck you she smiled and said we will see so had some drinks this went on each time we met in kitchen everyone was pissed and fell asleep 2 days later at night I rang her she said hubby is away come round I did she was dressed in black baby doll with nothing else on my cock was rock hard she went down on her knees and took my cock out and started to suck it till rock hard she said love the size has it is 9inch by 6 girth so I laid her down and started to push my cock into her but she was tight I got it in balls deep and said how does that feel she said fucking great so I started to fuck her slowly to start then faster till I was pulling out of her then plunging deep back in we where at it for about 20mins she came loads then said push right in and shoot your spunk which I did we both had carpet burns me on knees her her arse I said to her after pulling out that I have wanted to fuck you for years she said it will be better next time has I was leaving if you want to know if I took her up on that and what happened will tell you later after comments