Written by Trainer

29 Oct 2012

After quite a long time, I found myself in a bar in a city I used to work and live in. I was visiting some friends and we were having a great crawl, when I happened to meet my old neighbour, she is divorced with two young daughters, but was out with her sister and some other girlfriends, so we got chatting just catching up and I found out that she hadn't had any relationship since a bit of fun we'd had after I did some work in her garden, four years or so ago.

I brought her a drink and we got a bit cosier, when one of my friends came up and said they were moving to the next pub, I said I'd catch them up, although my mind was already made up that I wanted Sharon again. We just got closer and after around another hour I knew that she wanted me to suggest we go, which I did, but she said she was staying with her sister on this occasion as she had recently broke up from her partner, Sharon went to speak to Judith then came back and said sorted grabbed my hand and we left. We got in a cab she said where and we settled into each other, the cab pulled up but not at her house, we got out and I asked her where we were it turned out we were at Judith's.

When we got inside we really got down to it I had my hand up her skirt rubbing her through her panties and it didn't take her long before she came, so I pulled off her panties and she was striping me as well, being a horny one I slipped her panties on me and them pushed her down to suck me through her wet panties. We decided to go upstairs and she took me into a room with a double bed where we carried on and I slid into her pussy and after a short while came. We lie together for some time cuddling and exploring each others bodies. A while later we heard the door but other than the door openning and closing there was no other sound, Sharon told me to go and check that it was Judith who had come home. So I went down, still in Sharons's panties. When I got down Judith, a little worse for wear was sat on the setee, I asked her if she was okay, she looked at me and made a sneering remark as I was in her sisters pants. So I asked her if she disliked guys happy with their fem side and laughed she looked horrified but I walked over to her and sat down next to her, she was about to say something but I just leant in and kissed her, she went to push me away, for about 1millisecond then pulled me closer to her, within another I had her tits out and began sucking on them she moaned but pushed her breasts into my mouth, I let my hand drop down to her trousers and started to massage her thighs, she sat backwards to allow me to undo them and pull them down, I pulled off her slacks but left her panties on then went down to eat her through her panties, she let out a massive scream as she came. I pulled her pants to one side and slipped my finger into her hole and she came again god I was hard again, I pulled her slacks down and slipped them and her shoes off then pulled her panties off then took off Sharons pants and slipped hers on but then just pulled her legs apart and pushed into her wet hole, we fucked for around ten minutes changing position finally she was on top as I came. She dropped onto me kissing my shoulder as I noticed Sharon playing with herself at the doorway, so I lifted Judith off of me and went over to Sharon and kissed her then we went back to bed and I fucked her again, before I dropped off to sleep.