Written by Margie

16 Mar 2011

I'm a friend of Dave, (swinging sixties 11 march)we were talking about S H which we have only recently found, saying that everyone has an experience to tell and had bets that we wouldn't tell ours here. To save myself £30 bet here is mine.

I'm Margaret, married to Brian, my younger sister is Joy, happily divorced, I was always quite prudish while I know Joy has many men friends and is quite liberal in her thinking. Our sex life consisted of Brian putting it in me on a saturday night and sunday morning, he would cum and leave me lying there frustrated.

We had booked a holiday in Torremolinos, but when the time came to go Brian was sent away to work so Joy came with me. on our first night we found a bar near our hotel with entertainment, imagine my surprise when two guys walked in that i know, Pete is my ex boss and his friend Steve who I had known from college, the bar was very busy so they came and sat with us. Steve and I got chatting about old times while Pete was getting on very well with Joy. I did notice after a while that Pete's hand was on Joys leg and moving up and down. It was very hot in the bar so Joy and Pete went outside for some fresh air while we stayed in the bar untill the entrtainment finished at midnight.

There was no sign of Joy and Pete so Steve walked me back to the hotel, he went into the bar while I went to our room, on entering I found Joy and Pete naked on her bed, it was obvious what they had been doing, I think I was quite envious, Joy asked if I minded if Pete stayed the night, I was worried as I sleep in the nude and had no nightie with me, they said they wouldn't look while I undressed and slipped under the sheet, I know they did look as I heard him remark on my very hairy bush, Joy likes to keep hers shaven and smooth, I eventually went to sleep and was woken to the sounds of slapping, theywere at it again, I could see his white bum rising and falling as he fucked her, when they had finised I pretended to be asleep as he left her fulfilled and me very randy wanting what she had just had.

The next night we met the guys again, had another good night, on returning to our hotel It had been arranged that Pete would stay again but Steve also would like to stop, I knew it was wrong but never the less readily agread.Back in our room I lay on my bed while Steve sat on it, he was soon kissing me while his hands squeezed my boobs pulling my now hard and tender nipples, I soon found myself naked with I think most of his fingers working my very wet pussy, he soon had his cock in me puping with gusto untill I had the most amazing climax, wave after wave shudering through my body.

He moved around me pushing his cock in my mouth, I had never done this before as I had been too prudish, and Brian had never asked me to, I sucked him for all I was worth till I felt him cumming. I tried to pull away but he held my head untill I had swallowed his last drop of cum,

The next morning we awoke to see Joy taking it up her bum and squeeling with delight, Steve of course wanted to do the same, It was a great sensation feeling his hardeneng cock pushing into my tight bum hole, he didn't last long and I soon had that wondefull feeling of him shooting into me for the first time ever.

After this 2 weeks of non stop sex I told Joy what my normal sex life is, she said that she would sort Brian out, and obviously did as our sex life improved in leaps and bounds. I now hope to tell you what she did, ie you wold like me to.