Written by John

19 Jul 2012

This goes back to my days selling and servicing home appliances. I had a service call to this woman, I had visited her before and knew her to be an attractive near-blonde of around my own age, i.e, mid-thirties.

As usual I got down to servicing her upright cleaner and agreed thatI would like a cup of coffee. As I finished the job and was writing out the service record she put the coffee on the table beside me. She then began a conversation asking if I didn't meet a lot of attractive women, which I then agreed was the case. Following on, she asked if I ever 'got together'with any of them. I laughed and said that I had to be very careful how I answered that because I worked for the leading company in the field. I added that they would have no compunction sacking me if they found that I had transgressed. She said that surely a woman wouldn't report me if she had led me on, that made me laugh even more and I told her how I had been suspended once in that very circumstance.

Then came the crux, "I wouldn't tell," she said. "Is that an offer?" I responded. She came close, "What do you think?"she asked, then kissed me. That was it, this time I was convinced, both by what she said and her manner generally, and I said that if she could get out oneevening I would give her a very good time indeed. The response was positive, "You can ring me any afternoon about this time, just give me a couple of days to get things sorted and I'll look forward to keeping you to your word!"

To cut a long story short, I rang her a few days later and arranged to pick her up in a car park that evening. It was late summer and very warm and she drove up in a Mini, old style, and revealed a nice button through dress, with high heels and no make up. She got in my car and we drove off,I went a considerable distance from where we lived and stopped at a pub I knew. We had a couple of drinks and then we got back in the car and I drove to a very quiet place I knew about which was off-road.

I told her to get in the back, take off her shoes and knickers and show me what she'd got. She didn't demur and lay back on the seat with her skirt up, legs open and lying back. I had removed my jacket shoes and tie and joined her getting a good view of her cunt as I did so. She smiled and we kissed, she soon had my trousers undone and pulled them down with my boxers. She expressed satisfaction at my erect cock and told me that she didn't need foreplay she'd been anticipating this moment all afternoon. I told her to unbutton her dress, I pushed it out around her and unclipped her bra. Then I got between her legs and let her enter my cock for me. Well, she was right, she certainly didn't need foreplay she was sloppy inside and I pushed right up.

I askedhow she liked it, slow and gentle, or hard and fast. Her answer was to start on the former and work up to the latter. She had a lovely looking cunt and, unusual for those days, it was shaved too. I liked that and proceeded to do as she asked. I was surprised that she had a really tight cunt and she said that she'd had no babies and that her husband had lost all interest in sex, so it never got used. I told her that I loved women who knew what they'd got it for and that I hoped that she looked forward to a long evening. "Oh," she replied, "I have no problem with that, my husband thinks that I am out with my best friend and won't be expecting me home anytime soon!"

We'd hardly started before she began responding, moving up at my thrusts and tightening her cunt muscles as I withdrew. I respondedto that by beginning to fuck harder, strong thrusts and lots of them. She started moaning and gasping, "Oh yes, John, oh God I love it fuck me hard!" "You fucking sexy cunt!" I panted. "Yes, yes, I am, I'm always up for a good fucking. Come on, ram it up harder!" The car rocked with my efforts and she began to cum, thrills running through her that I felt in her cunt. She gave a sobbing moan, "Oh...oh...oh.... I'm cumming, I'm cumming!", and she shuddered into a full on orgasm. Clenching and releasing her cunt and grabbing me in an almost painful embrace while I realised that I was about to follow suit. "Where d'you want it," I panted, "inside or outside?" "Oh God, up my cunt of course," was her reply.

I drew back as the sap rose and, as I drew back, fired my spunk up her, not once not twice not three times but six times in all, making her cunt sloppy as it filled up, I was always a heavy cummer. She held me tight as she came again, then relaxed crooning love words in my ear.

As we calmed down she snuggled into me, "That was lovely, John, I really needed that and it was one of the best fuckings I've ever had!" "Glad to oblige," I said, "but that's just the start, I'll fuck you again in a minute I guarantee that I'll keep fucking you until you want me to stop,"

I don't think she believed me.

We were talking as we recovered and I asked her when she had first had sex, "Oh, I was vey naughty, very young." Then I asked her what she did if her husband wasn't, as she had said, having sex with her. "I use these," she said, holding up her hand." I asked her to show me, she gave a little laugh and began masturbating. My wife used the two middle fingers of her right hand, this woman used all of them, not only that but she licked the juice and spunk off them now and then. I started to get hard and she asked if I wanted her to suck it, of course I said yes.

Two minutes after she very skilfully started to suck my cock I was hard, "Fuck me again," she pleaded. I told her to get on all fours, as best she could in that confined space, which she did commenting, "I love it up from behind!"

I eased my cock in her cunt which seemed to hang between her thighs oozing spunk. "Mmmmm," she went and I began to fuck. I always feel that a man gets more in in that position and I enjoyed it immensely. She squirted spunk out round my cock, it all got very messy, but also very erotic. I fucked her for half an hour before she'd had enough, she had been cumming all the time, something I had never experienced before. I shot another load up her then flopped out, a stream of spunk and cunt juice ran out of her. We spent quite a long time cleaning up before we dressed and sat there talking for a while.She asked me if I would fuck her regularly and I honestly couldn't think that she was dangerous to me. In fact a I fucked her for a couple of years on a regular basis, that is until her husband realised that what he wasn't giving her she was getting elsewhere and it all came to an end.

I was sorry that such a good partner was gone but, heigh-ho, there were plenty more such fich in the sea!