Written by Jeff

18 Oct 2010

No matter how much us guys might say things like a big cock doesn't matter, my wife of 15 years is here to argue and for sure disagree with us.

I am (from what I have read and seen in sports locker rooms) about average. I guess that is about 6 inches. Now that has always satisfied her but as we talked having sex with others, playing with toys etc, I brought the subject up about size. As she hadn't been with that many guys before we married she couldn't compare me to but a few cocks.

As we talked she asked if I would mind her seeing for herself with my approval of any guy that she had sex with. NOW guys what an offer!! To good to be true as I had often mentioned how I would love for her to have sex with other guys and tell me all about it. (now I know most guys want the same thing so don't say you don't or haven't!!)

As we talked about it she mentioned that at the club where we would go dancing this might be a great place to meet guys and as they slow danced she could get close enough to feel their cocks rubbing her leg or even closer.

We agreed and off we went. It didn't take long for her to come back to our table and tell me about this one young guy that really felt big and she had even put her hand on it just to make sure it was real.

I asked if she was willing to give him a chance to have her that night and sure enough she agreed and as they say, "the rest is history"

After several dances he asked if she wanted to drop by his hotel room for a late night drink. She agreed and as she passed our table she said don't wait up and she would be home later.

Her new friend dropped her off about 2AM and she came in the bedroom with her panties in her hands. I asked how it went and she said, feel for yourself.

WOW what a wet pussy and a little red from being fucked hard. She said YES size does matter and she wanted to see just how big a cock she could find in the next few months. Once she found the one she really loved she wanted to keep him as a "lover" for as long as she and I would agree.

This went of for about 3 months and some of her lovers were bigger and some smaller but when she found the guys with a 9 inch cock she said this is it!!! She had one lover that was bigger but was not able to stay with her very long before he unloaded his juices and left her hanging. I knew that wasn't going to work for sure.

She said that size of a cock made her do and feel things that I was just not able to accomplish. She said I was a great lover and had no intention to "cut me off" but this added size and new sexual ventures just made our sex more exciting and enjoyable.

AND in case you were wondering her pussy was able to tighten up in an hour or two to the size opening she had before she fucked by some of her big lovers.

So guys let your wives and lovers shop around as I did for as my wife tells me every time she goes out . "SIZE DOES MATTER AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT"

Enjoy it guys as your wife will.