Written by mb

9 Apr 2010

I'd joined a few friends in a French ski resort for the weekend. Each day I picked up my hired skis and boots from the local shop - it was run by a few middle aged French guys who were friendly and helpful. One of them was particularly attentive and had suggested drinks or the chance to ski together on his day off. I held off. Another, older guy had a good oggle at my big tits on a daily basis. I made sure my jacket was undone as I put my boots on and moved around the shop. Both had clearly clocked me and were all but panting when I was in their midst. I'm fairly skinny, early 30s, dark brown hair with G cup tits.

My friends all left the day before me, due to difficulties over flights. I had one night alone. When I returned my kit on the last day, I accepted an invite to go for a drink with the younger of the two - Patrice - but suggested he bring Roger with him. I met them at a noisy bar near my appartment and we necked a few shots in between limited conversation. I wore a tight low cut top to show off my best assets. I reckoned Patrice was late 40s and Roger nearly 60.

I suggested they accompany me back for more drinks at our flat. They didn't need asking twice. Inside the flat, I made them drinks, Roger sat himself down on the sofa, Patrice was standing near the kitchen. I simply peeled off my clothes, to just my thong and smiled at them. Did they want to play? Roger nearly choked on his drink.

I approached Patrice and let him stroke my tits, he fell to his knees and sucked my tits, his fingers poking inside my thong, feeling my moist cunt. I enjoyed Roger watching the action. I pointed to the camcorder on the table and encouraged him to start filming.

My thong was off, Patrice was licking my cunt for all he was worth, slipping a finger into my arse which turned me on even more. He lay on the floor as I swivelled my hips on his face, spreading my juice over his face, he slipped more fingers into my arse, stretching me, oiling me, preparing me.

The older guy was now naked and filming. He came closer and started to play with my tits as he filmed me sitting on Patrice's face. I undid his zip and belt and took out his cock to suck him as he filmed. He was the larger of the two, thick and proud. Eager to fuck. For some time I sucked his cock, enjoying Patrice licking my arse and cunt.

Patrice wanted to fuck my arse. He sat up and with my back to him, I slowly sank on his cock. It hurt momentarily but I soon enjoyed the feeling of his cock deep in my arse. I started to ride him, slowly as Roger filmed us. Roger fingered my clit as I started to orgasm, my arse pulsating on Patrice's cock. I stared at Roger filming all the while. Moaning loudly, I was bucking ugently, gasping as he joined me, his warm spunk filling my arse.

As I pulled away, Roger placed the camera down, taking my cunt doggy style from behind - my tits swinging as he pumped me, speaking to me in French, none of which I understood. Patrice had taken the camera, filming as Roger sweated profusely, his large gut sitting on my cheeks.

Roger didn't last long, he flipped me over and came on my tits and I caught some of it in my mouth, I swallowed eagerly. He was a heavy cummer.

After some time resting, enjoying the post fuck feeling, we hooked up the camcorder to the telly. We watched our amateur porn film and enjoyed the raw fucking such that we were all aroused again. This time, no camera. I was spit roasted by them - a favourite of mine - before Patrice spread my cheeks and entered my arse - I sat back on him, spreading my legs, allowing Roger to fuck my throbbing cunt. I was sandwiched between the two of these middle aged, stale smelling French guys. I was filled by both, satiated and glowing when they left some hours later - asking me to come back before the end of the season for more.