Written by Jonny

1 Mar 2019

We recently got back from a skiing holiday with a couple of friends. My wife and I went to the French Alps last year and had a two bedroom apartment which was a bit of a waste. We were chatting about booking the same apartment for this year and a friend said that him and his mate were looking to ski, and what did he think about us sharing.

My wife Sal said yes straight away but I wasn’t sure as the last time we shared with a couple it didn’t end well. She said as it was two blokes then it would be different. She likes to cook when away and I pointed out that she would be cooking for all three of us and she said if we kept the place tidy and washed up etc. then she didn’t mind.

Anyway we ended up sharing with Tony and Dave and they had the twin bedded room and we had the double.

Sal has never been shy about covering up and many a man has seen a flash of her boobs as she carelessly dresses.

The first day we settled in and got our lift passes and ski hire sorted. Sal cooked dinner and we ended up in a bar for a few drinks. Tony and Dave insisted on buying her drinks as she was cooking and caring for them.

She is in her late forties, shoulder length blonde hair, 5’2, and a curvy size 12 with a 34 D bra size,although she rarely wears a bra. Her nipples are large and they stick out even when they are not erect. You can even see her nipples sticking out through a thick wool jumper.

We went back to the apartment after drinks and went to our bedrooms. She seemed especially horny and said that having the two men the other side of the partition wall was making her feel a little bit more horny than usual. We had sex and she was particularly more noisy than usual. But we did both sleep well after.

The next morning she just threw on her big jumper and went to make tea for everyone. She took the other two their tea in bed and then brought ours to our room. I asked her if she realised that when led on the bed I could see her puss under the jumper. She said she hadn’t, and I don’t think she had as she was asking me what I could see and do I think they saw anything. We decided that if they had it had been an accident anyway.

After skiing that day and dinner we again went to the bar and they bought her several double G & Ts and and we all got rather pissed.

Tony mentioned that it wasn’t fair that I was next door with her when all he had was Dave laid in the next bed. She joked that she might have to extend her duties from just cooking and they both agreed that it was a good idea. But all done in the best possible taste...

We went back to the apartment and went to our rooms. She was really quite well gone after many double gins and was very horny. She mentioned the lads in the next room and joked that they’d love to see her naked. I said they’d want more than that if she did.

She laughed as she opened our door and went into theirs and said I hope you lads are behaving yourselves. She stood in the doorway naked and they could see her by the light of the outside street lamps.

Dave said that maybe she ought to help them with some relief and she said you’ll have to show me. He pulled back the duvet and she could see his hard on. She laughed and went over and started rubbing it and he was groping her everywhere. She then decided to sit on his cock and used it to make herself cum. Dave followed quickly and he came in her seconds later.

By this time Tony was rubbing himself so she just went to him and sat on him and made herself cum again, followed by Tony groaning loudly and cumming as well.

She just stood up and said night night boys. Sleep well.

We have been involved with other men before so it was not really a huge shock or surprise what she had done.

She got into bed with me and I got on her and took about 2 minutes before I also came in her as she came again.

We slept well and the boys were a bit embarrassed the next morning as she walked in with their tea naked. They were even more embarrassed when they saw me but I just pretended that it was nothing.

That evening was very sexual and Sal said that she was hoping for more of the same again.

This time she got into bed with Dave and they had quite a long session before he came in her this time on top. She did the same with Tony and then joined me after. I was actually nearly asleep and we just cuddled until we drifted of to sleep.

The rest of the week was a repeat most nights with one night she spent quite a bit of time with Dave, and another night the same with Tony.

One afternoon she even stayed at the apartment with the two lads whilst I went skiing on my own. We went back for lunch and after cuddling on the sofa she decided she preferred to stay with them for the afternoon rather than go skiing. That evening she told me that she had a naked orgy and she must have cum at least 10 times. Both of the lads managed twice each.

The lads were sworn to secrecy, which we knew wasn’t a problem as they were both married.

She did tell them when we got back that it was only for the holiday and not to expect anything now we are back. But they did ask if we were booking again for next year.