Written by Belinda King

2 May 2012

Next came high heels, a silk scarf, calf length brown coat and my hand bag. The final touch was to put on a dainty little hat with a pink feather. As I locked the motor home door, I heard the rush of traffic going by along the dual carriageway. Taking tiny steps in my close fitting dress, and on my five inch black patent leather shoes, I walked down the steps to and past the underpass, to the old road where I would meet the most aggressive and nastiest man of my whole life to date.

Teetering towards him, on very high black patent leather heels, I could only take very short steps. I smiled coyly behind big dark glasses, thrusting my hips slightly forward and pouting with my full red painted lips. My natural hormone enhanced breasts could be seen pressing against my dress, through my open coat. I was offering him everything, excited to the point of dizziness by the almost angry and intent look on his dark skinned Pakistani face. I knew he would be rough and almost came in my satin and lace knickers at the thought of my inevitable and painful humiliation.

'Where yuh bin fuckin' slut? He asked in a rough voice, his eyes burning into me as he looked me up and down, viewing me as if he was going to eat me.