Written by Belinda_King

20 Jan 2012

I have dressed in female clothes and longed to be a girl, since I was quite young. Coming from a wealthy background, I had access to my mother's and sister's wardrobes and expensive satin lingerie- my sisters were three and four years older than me. Like them, I am petite and blonde, as my profile pictures show.

When I was at university, I became fixated by the need to dress up beautifully and then to find ugly brutal men to be rough with me, verbally abuse me and humiliate me as I came in my pretty clothes and undies. I had already experienced some rough treatment, but craved the embarrassment of a lot of ugly men making and seeing me cum.

My mother and sisters always favoured demure little skirt suits, satin and laces lips, with matching pantie and suspender sets. With a generous allowance and my own flat, in university days, I started buying my own clothes, undies, shoes and make up by mail order. I also started collecting costume jewellery. My long blonde hair was wavy, shading my high forehead and cheek bones, so that I would look up, through my big blue made up eyes, from under a curtain of fine gold.

How I loved walking the streets, with waist held tight by a high line pantie girdle, black satin full slip, matching undies and stockings, as I teetered along the back streets of Cambridge, on high heels, my figure outlined in a dark blue skirt suit. It was a winter night as I approached the scene of my first truly aggressive and group milking.

Those horrible men were surprised to find a tiny bald penis and balls when they pulled my panties down- the satin fronted girdle had held my sex so flat when they first saw it, backing me up against a dirty wall, calling me a whore, as they pulled up my fully lined skirt and slip. So many rough hands took turn squeezing my sex, then hitting they discovered my secret. I just closed my eyes and through they pain, I orgasmed more powerfully than ever before. So began my terrible addiction. Some readers will have met me on a particular dogging site. I hope to visit those places again over the next few weeks. I need to be roughly milked in my satin panties, and to be horribly verbally abused as I cum.

If anyone wants me to go into more detail about the first time I was aggressively milked, please let me know. After I had cum, the men used their hands, knees and fists between my skinny thighs, turning me over and beating my pert bottom, before the inevitable happened.