Written by Felicity

18 Nov 2010

It has been a while since I have been out dressed in all of my fine clothes,expensive lingerie and stockings. I have always been wary of having men call on me at my large and remote country home in South East England.

I am slim, blonde and hold down a high status job. But I have been dressing as a female since my days at public school. I even worked as a prostitute dduring my univsersity days.

I have many stories to tell, but just now I am desperate to meet rough nasty men. It doesn't matter what they look like. Age, race and looks just don't matter. I have been with some very ugly and repulsive men since I was only 18. They turn me on with their rough handling and verbal abuse.

Early this morning, I got all made up, perfumed and dressed up in satin undies, stockings, business suit and high heels. i was all perfumed and made up. I knew the dustmen arrived at 7 a.m. They are a rough hopelss looking lot, and so dirty. In the darkness, I teetered out with an extra bag. I could hear them coming up the little lane. I was half way up my drive when I heard wolf whistles and a rough voice saying he wouldn't mind 'giving that a good seeing to.'

My body trembled at the thought. Instinctively I clenched my buttocks, walking even more seductively on my high heels and showing my little bottom off to best effect in my tight silk skirt, my slender legs looking sexier because of the black silk seamed stockings I was wearing.

I just wanted them all to force their way into my substantial home, to verbally abse and use me sexually. I wanted them to rough me up and do unspeakable things.

The feeling is still with me and I am so desperate for something to happen that I have put an advert on a well known adertising site that includes gay dating. I have put pictures and told them that I am a slim blonde transvestite, not well endowed, with small breasts and big nipples ebcause I have taken female hormones. I have asked for a man, or men to visit me in teh early hours of tomorrow. i don't suppose I will get lucky, but if I do and this story is printed, I wil write about what happened.