Written by Felicity

22 Mar 2011

Of course I felt embarrassed, but I grew to enjoy sexual humiliation many years ago. Under my heavy make up, I was blushing I am sure. My well made up big blue eyes were partly concealed by rose tinted ladies spectacles- made especially for my forays out as Felicity.

‘Go down the stairs and trough the big white door’ he said, looking me up and down and smirking. ‘Are there any other people in there?’ I asked coyly, tilting my blonde curly head down at the grubby floor.’ ‘About ten men in there.’ ‘If I need the toilets, do I use the ladies or gents?’

The rough looking sixty something man laughed, then said: ‘they are unisex, but there are locks on the doors. ‘Right’ I said timidly, enjoying the very feminine sound my high heels made as I tripped down the stairs toward the door.

My handbag was clutched firmly against my tummy, my coat also held close around my slender form as I braced myself to enter the cinema. I saw the shapes of men dotted around the little cinema. With my tinted glasses, I took a moment to get used to the dim light. I also wondered where best to sit to get attention from as many men as possible.

The blue seats were divided into four sections, allowing space to walk between then as you came through the door and then an aisle to the right of the back section, which was also the way to the toilets. Dim lights revealed some very odd and seedy looking men obviously wanking as they watched some very beautiful women being fingered, breasts mauled and being taken by doggers and filmed.

I decided to sit down in the middle of a row of seats near the door because I wanted men to see me as they came in and fantasised that I might get one man either side of me.

Within two minutes a very fat bespectacled man, in his late forties, moved rows to sit next to me. I let my coat fall open so that he could see my tight skirt reaching primly just down to my black stocking clad knees, and my Royal Blue Yves St Laurent fitted jacket showing of my neat little upper body. From the corner of my eye, I could see he was looking at my knees. Which were pressed tightly together. In the gloom, it was a moment before I realised he had his shell suit trousers down to his fat ankles. He wore no underpants and was wanking himself while looking at me. Obscene or dirty it might have been, but I find it complimentary to think that a man can wank over the sight of me in my expensive and very ladylike clothes. My perfume was in sharp contrast to the strong stale odour coming from his body.

I didn’t want him to notice I was watching him. With my pretty tinted spectacles hiding my well made up eyes. I looked back at the cinema screen and listened to the drone of the northern voice who was talking off camera to the pretty East European girls he had taken to the dogging site, where she was stripped and being felt up before being gang fucked. How I envied her. Then the smell to my left became stronger. A hot hand was pushing over my knees and under my tight black fully lined Peruna skirt. I heard heavy breathing. Glancing at the hem of my skirt, I watched mesmerised as the one and a half inches of lace around the bottom of my black satin full slip came into view. It made me look very pretty, feminine and desirable. I let out an audible gasp, as the man’s other hand came around my narrow and delicate shoulders, pulling me to him.

The man snorted heavily. I could smell booze and tobacco. I glanced toward him. With my high cheekbones and good make up, and golden ringlets, I look very haughty as a woman. He looked at my face and my haughtiness seemed to provoke him. I felt his hand push hard between my legs, my skirt going higher and more of my expensive satin slip was now exposed. His hand was brutally parting my slender thighs, over my black silk stocking tops and soon hard against the flat satin and lace covered flat crotch space between my legs. I couldn’t help looking at his fat ugliness and whimpering as he felt me very hard and cruelly there. He gripped so hard, smelt so badly and snorted so horribly, I almost came in my high cut satin and lace French knickers, there and then.