Written by dilemma dave

3 Dec 2007

My wife Julie is a well formed girl of 42. Our love life was \'normal\' until a week ago. Julie discovered one of the stories I had printed off this site. She seemed disappointed that I needed porn to masterbate with. She wanted to know why I couldn\'t just think of her to excite me.

It took a while to explain because I was embarassed to admit that I had fantasies of her being taken by a large well muscled man with a long, hard cock.

She really couldn\'t get her head around this initially, but that night while in bed and unable to get hard because I felt that I had let her down, she suggested that we talked through my fantasy.

I explained that in talking with the lads in the pubs, if the subject came round to sex, one of the lads, Mike, always said I was a lucky bastard, and he would love to fuck Julie.

Now Mike is a rugby-playing hard bastard, thighs like tree trunks, hung like a shire-horse and a lovely single lad, one night stands only type opf guy.

Julie was quiet for a little while in the dark, she then asked if I really wanted her to sleep with him, I explained I didn\'t I just wanted to pretend, maybe she could call me Mike while we made love.

She said she would give it a go, we kissed slowly, her mouth opened and accepted my tongue, my hand now slipped beneath the sheet and onto her bare buttocks, she climbed aboard me and the kissing became more urgent, then she whispered, \'Mike, this is wrong, what if Dave finds out?\'

My answer was husky, \'fuck him\'

\'I wanted to fuck you for so long, every time I make love with Dave, I think of you\'

My cock was harder than I ever remember, Julie\'s rhythm was picking up her head was now flung back, her hair trailing down her back.

\'Harder Mike, now suck my tits.\'

This was not my wife, she rarely spoke making love, but now she just quietly said \'Mike\' into my ear several times until she shouted his name and collapsed on top of me.

We have made love every night since, exploring situations where Mike \'has\' to call while I\'m out ending up with Julie on the end of his todger.

Although we always say afterwards that it is just a fantasy, the pub\'s New Years Do, is coming up, last night Julie suggested that a bit of flirting and simple New Years kiss could add a bit more spice to our bedroom.

While we make love it\'s fantastic but I\'m worried it may get out of hand.