Written by 007dirk

1 Nov 2007

me & my wife of 28yrs married have been talking on other guys having sex with her.one day i dropt her of shopping at our local shopping centre she said she was very nervous on going to bed with another guy as i was the only guy who had slept with her, i did take her virginity but got my 7.5 inches inside her.going back to her shopping day she met a guy she worked with in a factory who was also married but liked to put it about was known for having a big bell end with 9 inch stem' when my wife bumped into him she asked him if he was up for sum fun that day which he obliged he took her back to one of his friends houses were he gave her so many orgasms she was soaking wet she told me he was a great shag when i picked her up 5 hours later she put my hand between her legs with trousers on on my god she was soaking wet i got a big hard on straight away drove home fast as i could throw her on the bed licked her pussy it was full of his & her love juices went to put my throbbing cock inside shot my load before i got it inside but 2 minuites later i was rock hard again it was the best ever sex. but now want to do it again . any takers.