Written by Fred

17 Oct 2010

As most anyone that experienced a "sloppy Second" will tell you it's the hottest sex ever.

My wife of 15 years and I had talked about her taking a lover or two if I could have her when she got home. Every time we talked about it during sex we both had one of the finest sex ever.

One day she asked if I was serious and that she had talked about going out with one of our friends that we both knew he wanted to fuck her.

With that thought in mind she agreed to meet him and see if her was serious about having an affair with her. (with the understanding that I was never to know)

We agreed to move to the next step and it wasn't long before she went out for drinks with him and it was about 1 when she came home. Her clothes were a mess and I knew that she had finally made the move.

She climbed in bed and without even a word she lowered her wet cunt on my now hard dick and we didn't talk for 15 minutes as we enjoyed the hottest and wettest sex ever.

This has now gone on for over 7 years with the same guy and on several occasions she even had two guys fuck her before she came home so now our sex it the BEST ever.

Try it guys you might find it the best sex ever. AND be sure that your wife or mate will have the same excitement as you.