Written by sloppy second lover

4 Feb 2011

I am married but unhappily , have been seeing this gorgeous sexy lady for over 3 years now We live in south of england and have a fantastic sex life but dont get enough time together, she has other lovers she sees , and I find my self turned on by the fact she is fucking other men, whilst seeing me, When first started going out with her she was seeing two other men on a pretty regular basis, One time when I was away on holiday we ended up chatting on phone quite late and she told me she had just been fucked by the one guy,I found this so horny listening to her so far away telling me she was really "spunked up" On returning I found myself turned on knowing she was getting fucked by these two blokes and when I asked more about this I found out she was also seeing a THIRD bloke some 20 yrs younger.She told me bits about her other sex partners and I was really turned on thinking how they were all fucking her bare back

One night she arranged to see the one guy and meet me after full of his cum. I waited close by his place and after about two hours she texted me and told me she would be bout 5 mins and said in text she was "spunked up" , hearing this my cock was instantly rock hard, I picked her up a few minutes walk from his place and we went her place, she stripped off revealing she wasnt wearing knickers and spunk was slipping from her red swollen cunt lips, I couldnt help myself and went down between her cunt lips licking his cum from her gaping cunt, I found my self cumming in minutes when I slid my cock in her silky used cunt

Over the last 6 months she has returned to his place several times and meeting me straight away with her swollen red cunt pouring his cum.

Tonight she rang me to say she had arranged meet this guy for coffee at hia place and told me to keep an eye on my phone as she would text me to pick her up.

Less than an hour had passed from the time she got there , before my phoned bleeped, answering the phone she said, "You better hurry up,Ive got something for you" Within 5 mins we were on the sofa her legs spread wide and his spunk pouring from her, her KNICKERS WERE SOAKING AND SATURATED IN HIS CUM, YET HER CUNT WAS STILL POURING WITH HIS SPUNK,

Her cunt lips were bright red and gaping wide open,,She stood up and suddenly there was a stream of cum just poured from her dripping on the wooden floor she moved slightly and more poured from her.

I was amazed and shocked to see so much spunk flowing from her, she remarked "he must have not had fuck for ages, she told me he had a large cock quite a bit bigger than mine, This was qite clear when i slid my cock in her cunt, she was really stretched wide yet swollen inside, with the silky lubricant left in her my cock felt so sensual , her cunt was so hot silky and smooth yet her internal parts were so swollen and aroused her clit was bright red and swollen and glistening with their combined juices. as she told me what happened I emptied my load in minutes,

I was so aroused I found myself emptying a second load in a very few minutes.

As we dressed I realised she had dripped several pools of his cum over the floor.

We were both shocked to see how much cum this guy had produced and how quickly he had unloaded when her entered her gorgeous cunt

She then informed me that she had arranged meet him next week, I am hoping that I can be close by, waiting to take her as soon as he has finished I

I am hoping she will get him come her place, where I can be waiting out off sight to reclaim her