Written by BONDIBOY

6 Oct 2008

This is a story of a recent holiday to wifes home town in Slovakia. We were having a spot of lunch in a top floor restaurant in a nice hotel in the town. My wife and I are in our late twenties - lucia has a great figure esp her rounded ass. We were having a bottle of wine on the terrace and getting bit tipsy when a businessman in his 50s sat down next to us at the next table. He said hi to us and a few minutes later as we were smoking asked for a light. He was from austria and we quickly got talking - he was in town for a convention and was staying at the hotel.

My wife has always had a thing for older men and this was no different. He seemed wealthy and he ordered an expensive bottle of wine for us. We were getting more drunk and the conversation turned to the local cultures in slovakia. My wifes town is a spa town and there are lots of saunaa and spas around. My wife asked him if he has expereienced the sauna yet. Basically the saunas are all unisex and no clothes. My wife gigled as she asked him and he replied he had tried and them and quite enjoyed them with a wink in his eye! We carried on drinking and finished our lunch. The guy then said he was planning to have a sauna session in the hotel where there was steam room as well and asked if we cared to join him. Although tempted my wife said we had other plans. He said too bad and then joked he promised not to look at my wife if we went! While the guy went to the toilet my wife said we§d go to the sauna but not tell him so to surprise him. I asked my wife if she would go totally naked in front of him as there was a sheet they give u in the sauna if u wanted to cover up. My wife said she would cover up and was emabarrased to expose herself. I was trying to get her to change her mind but she was having none of it.

We went to get changed for the sauna. I went to the sauna first where the guy was already there without sheet sat down. Minutes later lucia came through and as she went to sit down, removed her sheet, placed it neatly on the bench for her to sit on, bending over infront of the guy whilst doing it then sat with her legs crossed but exposing her bikini waxed pussy. She looked at me with a dirty grin having fooled both of us. The guy said it was a nice surpise to see us and could not take his eyes off luicia. A she went for a shower we had a great view of her rubbing her hands all over body knowing she had full audience. We then went to steam room. I started to joke about not being to see each other properly and said we never knew what the opther perosn was doing. I then looked nat my wife and coulôd see that she was feeling herself and as i reached across and i could feel for myself how turned on she was.

I the started to massage her shoulders and back and breasts as she stretched out. Her feet were inches from the guys lap and as she stretched out further she accidently felt his hard penis with her toes. She apologized immedialtely but he told her to continue. By now i could tell things were starting to happen and i started to guide her hand to her pussy. The guy could now see what she was doing and he moved closere to her, his hands were now moving to nher thighs. I then stood up with my dick like rock and stood in fromt of her face. She started to lick my dick while the guys hands were reaching to her wet pussy. She continued for 5 mins until i came all over tits. The guy was now licking her out then stopped as lucia said thee may be other people coming in. We could a guy go into the sauna room so knew our session was about to end.

As lucia got up to go, the guy grabbed his hands to her waist so that her ass was in his face. He was massaging her ass and trying to drag her down to his hard thick cock. She was half resisting but said whatever u got to do make ur fast as the other guy could walk in. He then dragged her down onto his throbbing dick so she was reverse cowgirl and in about 4 or 5 hard strokes came inside her. We then all left like nothing had happened. What a day1