Written by bcands

7 Jan 2008

A couple of years ago my wife was going through one of her regular extra dirty stages. We have a very active sex life, but every so often the pressure would build up and she would need some extras ! She always tells me what she gets up too and more often than not I\'m involved in some way. She had arranged for a night out with some of her girl friends, a couple of them were also pretty randy and it was obvious they would be on the prowl together.

My wife had already left when I got in, so I had no idea what she was wearing and although a bit tired from work I was really turned on knowing that she would be up to something interesting !! I sat there with an aching hard on till late in the evening and then decided to go spying. I knew where they were and drove off on my mission... The club was in a bit of a rural position, well off the main road, I toured the car park til I found her car and then parked up, with a good view amongst the other parked cars. I waited in a frenzied state of erection. It was two in the morning and quite a few were leaving the club. I then see my baby walking along with a guy on each side of her. She has her arms around there necks and they each have a hand on her ass. Its a nice warm evening. She\'s wearing a short black dress which shows off her rack nicely and its short enough to let everyone know what great legs she has. Nearing the car they are slowing down and she is by turns giving the two of them very long deep kisses. They have there hands all over her.

As she turns to one to kiss him, the other runs his hands up her legs lifting the dress hem and revealing the mounds of her tight perfect little ass. She\'s wearing a thong or nothing, its difficult to tell exactly, but he is sliding his hands all over, one disappearing between her thighs. She eases her legs apart so that he can finger her pussy and he starts to kiss her neck and shoulders. The other guy takes breath, says something and then pulls the front of her dress down revealing to him the treasured assets. She has really nice tits, 38\'s which are really perky and nipples to die for.He starts licking nipping and kissing them. The three of them stagger over towards her car trying not to disengage themselves too much. One of the guys sits on the bonnet and my wife bends over from the waist to undo his pants and work his cock out into the fresh night air, his partner in crime is behind her now and while she engulfs one cock, he lifts her dress up right above her waist and slides his dick right up her well lubricated pussy.

The games commence !! She is spit rosted for some time, then they switch positions. A couple of clubgoers have stopped to enjoy the little scene. More people are attracted.

They all stand up and one of the guys, pulls her dress up and off. In her nice high heels my wife is standing stark naked with a growing audience. Not an unusual occurance but one that brings the best out of her. Her little Brazilian landing strip helps to emphasis her fat lipped pussy. One of the guys sits her on the bonnet and shuffles between her legs his sizeable cock gradually disappearing up her glistening cunt. He starts to fuck her hard, she crosses her legs behind his back and lifting her ass up and onto his cock to emphasis every stroke. The other guy is just standing ready with his stiff cock, to join in when the action flags. Soon enough she has brought the first guy off and he backs away with a shiny, wilting cock. The other guys rams home and fucks her hard and fast. He comes too and she surveys the crowd and invites anyone else who feels the need. A couple of other guys join in and before a few minutes she has fucked four guys. I by now am standing in the crowd watching and move forward and kiss her long and deep. \"Enjoying a little greedy girl action\" I say as I fondle her pussy. Bet your cock lover boy is her response, My cock is hot and aching to come, she undos my pants and lets it spring into the night air. Leaning back on her car she spreads her legs for me, I slide into the tight hot wet velvety space that is her cunt and pound away for about thirty seconds before turning myself inside out, spraying what feels like a gallon of cum up her beautiful pussy. I take her hand and walk her over to my car, the little crowd disperses and we are left sitting in the dark. The smell of sex permeates the car and I cannot stop looking at my beautiful nude wife. My cock starts to swell up again and she kisses me. We get out of the car and she squats down and sucks the next load of spunk out of me, swallowing every drop. Time for home she says and walks naked to her car picking up her dress, she drives home naked and walks in like that.........Wonderful, life is wonderful