Written by Roger

11 Jan 2010

I got home from work last wednesday morning after my night shift. I had driven 5 miles through quite deep snow but was lucky it was all on main roads. I parked the car on the drive locked it and was hit by a barrage of snow balls from my wife Sue and or friend Diane. Diane lives just a few houses away with her husband. They must have had a pile of the snow balls as I was absolutely covered. Before I could retaliate they had run into the house. I brushed myself down and stamped the snow off my boots before going into the house. I was quite wet but I had to have a laugh with them about it before going for a shower.

I stpipped off and threw my clothes into the wash basket. I climbed in, turned the shower on and started to shower. As I was lathering myself up I felt a hand start to rub the shower gel into my back, then another pair of hands started to wash my legs. I washed the soap from my hair and face and saw that Sue and Diane were in the shower with me. I asked what they were doing and Sue said saving water.

Before I knew what was happening Diane was massaging my rapidly swelling cock and balls. Sue was fondling Dianes ample tits. They washed all the lather off us and then both started to kiss and fondle me under the hot shower. I couldnt believe what was happening but I was enjoying it all the same. I put my arms around Sue and stated to feel her tits as Diane dropped down and started to kiss me down below. There wasnt very much room but I didnt want to stop incase it all finished there.

As Sue got behind me and slowly wanked my cock I turned Diane around and pulled her back into my front. I pushed down on her shoulders so that she bent over at the waist. Sue then guided me into Dianes very moist pussy. Sue stood beside me and started to snog me thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I held Dianes hips and started to slowly fuck her. I used long slow strokes as I struggled to breath with Sue snogging my face off. I heard Diane groaning as I started to fuck her faster and harder. My wet tummy was slapping loudly against her bum and pussy as I really went for it. Sue continued to snog and hold me as I finally made my effort I was really pounding into Diane as she was squealing with (hopefully) pleasure. I felt her body shudder and her knees start to buckle as I finished off the final hard strokes and shot my cum into here gripping pussy. Sue dropped to her knees and licked the last drops of cum off of my shrinking cock before they were lost into the shower.

We had our final fondles and snogs then got out and dried ourselves off. We had a cup of coffee and a few biscuits before they dressed and I went off to bed still naked and excited.

When I got up later in the day Sue wouldnt tell me what they did that day she just winked and smiled. What do you think?