Written by snowfuck

8 Jan 2010

Last Wednesday, I managed to get into the office, been the director, I had to lead from the front. But the rest of my employees called in off so were working from home. There is a solicitor's firm in the same office block. One of the young trainee law graduate also got in as she lived in the apartments in the city.

I'm 39, director of an IT media firm and Mandy is 24, blonde, 5ft 4, 34D and quite slim. In fact very sexy, I have thought of her many times.

As the office was totally empty we got talking in the coffee lounge and I asked her to join me in my office where she can still log on and work. It was getting very miserable out there. I cracked open a bottle of red (left over from the xmas period) and started to share it.

She lives on her own , recently split from her boyfriend and didn't really have a good xmas/new year. The bottle soon finished and another one was opened. She was getting pissed and I was getting horner. Wanted to play with her. The conversations moved to sex, and she told me her experiences as student. Enough for me to develop a really hard cock. She had not fucked for a couple of weeks and said she was dying to have a cock in her.

I moved closer to her, filled her glass and she moved closer to me and we kissed. She rolled her tongue inside me and moved her hands on my cock. She unzipped my jeans and out poped my 7inch throbbing rod. She grabbed it with her hand and moved her mouth closer and started to lick me. I moved my hands to her blouse, put my fingers in and started to play with her hard nipples. She continued to suck me at random speed while wanking me. Soon I tensed up and shot my load into mouth. She swallowed all and licked me dry.

I picked her up and placed her on my desk, lifted her skirt, exposing a nice red tong and moved my tongue upto her thigh, then to her wet shaven pussy. I continued to lick her clit, finger her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure. I then sat her on my lap, she positioned her pussy on my cock and started to ride me. I soon became very hard again. I opened her blouse and started to suck her breasts. She rode me really fast and was moaning that my cock felt so good. She continued until I felt her legs tighten up and she screamed with pleasure while she came.

I continued to suck and bite he nipples. She wanted me to bite even harder.

I phoned home and made an excuse that I was staying at a hotel and we went to her place for a night of pure sex.

If you want more more details let me know..