10 Nov 2015

We all know that some people like to talk about a meet but they bottle it when it comes to exchanging mobiles and fixing a time. On Friday November 6, 2015 I had scouted round the chat rooms to fix up a meet. I am so new to wearing undies (long story) and I am very cautious. I fixed a date for Monday November 9. The possible group went from two to possibly six. One or two were nervous about so many being in my campervan and I could tell that their attendance was iffy.

By the time Monday arrived a bit of chat in the rooms confirmed that there could be no one turning up. The meet was to take place near Belmont. There is a small car park and I had no idea it was such a popular spot. I had on my black basque, stockings, camisole and lacy panties. To keep myself safe I had fleece bottoms and a long sleeved shirt with buttons up the front. The idea being that if I needed to walk about outside I could open my long sleeved shirt to reveal my basque and lower my tracky bottoms to show the top of my suspender straps.

Prior to my departure I had taken a Viagra and I knew it would take half an hour to work. The car park had at least four cars parked up and each one had a driver with engine running and windscreen wipers working. The wet day meant that all the windows were steaming up. I sat in the passenger seat of my campervan without my long sleeved shirt. My basque and shoulder straps were clearly on view and I continued to wipe the window to prevent steam. I even wound the window down and got rained on just to show my intent.

Down at the far end of the car park a 4x4 arrived with man and wife. The man got out and strolled close to the front of his car. I convinced myself that they were going for a walk and there would be no point being "obvious" to them with my window winding antics. I convinced myself that she would eventually get out, swap her shoes for boots and off they would go.

However, the chap came close to my camper window and he could see my undies. He liked what he saw and I motioned for him to come round to the side door. He liked to play with my cock and the Viagra had done a super job of making me stiff as a poker and horny as fuck. I admired his massive balls and commented on them. I should mention that so many stories include details of massive cocks and I have always wondered why it never happened that a horny guy would turn up with a normal size cock. Well, his balls were massive and his cock was also very impressive. He told me it was enormous when it was stiff but it was never going to get to be more than a semi. He really wanted to wank me off and I was so close to the point of no return. But, I did not want to reach the end with a quick wank. I desperately needed to be taken up the arse and I also wanted a three some.

So much precum was dripping out of me that he thought I had come but I knew there was still the climax waiting. He told me that he had fucked his wife that morning and she was full of spunk. I nagged him endlessly to go fetch her so that I could fuck her in front of him. He kept telling me over and over again that she would not come. Apparently, there were too many cars parked for her to participate. I really did try to talk him into fetching her but he was having none of it. I was happy to wank him into a bowl in the camper and let him go on his way. I thought he was close to cuming but he just lost his erection and he said it would not come back.

He left and went back to his car. I expected him to leave the car park straight away but he stayed. In my mind he was talking her into it and they moved their parking spot to be closer to me. I returned to the window winding business and she could see me tarting myself. I decided to take a risk and I got out of the drivers side door with a wiper blade to clean off my mirrors. I made sure she could see me with my basque and stockings in full view and my cock out like a bloody fishing rod. No luck, they drove off.

I was becoming frustrated and the guy in the car next to me was clearly wanking his cock and looking at me. I showed my arse through the camper side window int he hope that he would get the message. Again I got out and made it obvious how I was dressed. I did thumbs up, waved and made every possible gesture to encourage him. He equally made gestures to tell me to join him in his car. Clearly, no chance of getting taken in a car. He also left.

A BMW arrived swiveled round in the car park so that his headlights caught me full glare. He parked right next to me and he could see how I was dressed. He did the familiar cock sucking motion and lip licking that made it obvious what he wanted. It took no time at all before he came round my side door and climbed in. I told him I wanted to be fucked and he said he would. He put a condom on and got a brown bottle out to sniff. I am sure everybody else knows what this is all about but I don't. He knew I needed him to be gentle with me and he was. He entered me, pushed and pushed some more. I gasped like a girl and took him in. I loved it, I was wishing someone else would suck me off but the pain and the pleasure were wonderful.

By accident he slipped out and could not get back. He, like the first chap had lost it. He took the condom off and left.

I was beginning to lose hope of any satisfaction. I think I could have walked out on the car park and wanked through the windows of the cars parked there and they would still have ignored me. I completely gave up on the ones parked close. I decided to put my tracky bottoms on and long sleeved shirt and take a walk to the far end of the car park. My basque was obvious with my shirt unbottoned. A total cross dresser in a blonde wig was sitting in her car. I pulled my tracky bottoms down, showed my cock, showed my stocking tops and went back to the camper.

He/she came up to the camper and climbed in. The outfit was complete but unconvincing. She asked what i wanted and I said I needed sucking off. I have always needed to do my own hand job at the end of a BJ. Well, I lay on the bed, he sucked me off and I loved it. I thought for just a brief moment that it just might happen that I might cum in his mouth without any need for my hand or his. I gasped, I groaned, I could feel it building. I had to concentrate my thoughts and prevent any distraction. It was going to happen. I knew it. The build up was wonderful; my groans and enjoyment and stiffening were giving so many clues to my condition. He knew it was going to explode and so did I. I have no knowledge of the odds of being sucked off from start to finish without any help from a rubbing hand.

He was keen to achieve the end result and so was I. The thrill was everything. I stiffened, emptied and he sucked my clean. I am 69 and the drips are fewer than they used to be. What a lovely day. When will that ever happen again.