Written by gonedogging

2 May 2017

We have recently enjoyed a short break on Fuerteventura, a Canary Island. My wife and I are both in our early 60's, but still after 42 years of marriage enjoy an active sex life. It was only a 3 day extravaganza this time, in Corralejo in the northern part of the island. We al[way's hire a car so we can get to a small beach back down the main road toward;s Porto del Rosario. On the last day of our trip we were in a small cove among the rocks in one of the small rocky sunbathing shelters and we were both completely naked. I noticed a tall thin Black guy walking through the rocks towards us, his cock hanging well on his frame and when he was near us he stopped and looked at my wife lying stretched out with her arms above her head and her legs slightly parted. His eye's met mine and I smiled knowingly at him. He glanced around to see if we were alone and started to touch himself up. I saw my wife looking at him under her sunglasses. She casually opened her legs a bit farther so he could see her old plump pussy, still white from the shape of her bikini bottoms and that did the trick. His erection was quite arousing, for me, as well as my wife. She was willing ,so was he. I was also erect by now and she started to touch herself as we played with our erection,s. he moved closer when she parted her clit lips and played with her clitoris which was shining nicely in the hot sun.

We were, all three of us ,in an engorged state by now and in close proximity. When he suddenly let go of his erection and quickly walked off. There were a family walking towards us along the rocks . I threw a towel over my wife's lower body and covered my erection with my own towel. The family passed slowly bye ,taking what seemed like an eternity to pass us bye and disappear around the next bend. Our interesting friend was gone by now and did not return.

When we got back to the apartment we both wanted to start were we left off. We kissed and stood together naked. I touched her she touched me and we engaged in an act of passionate love making with me asking what she would liked to have had done to her on that beach ? She showed me and told me what to do and I obliged her and she came with me behind her, fully entered and then I remember shooting my load right up her and kept it up her until I slipped out as my erection subsided. AHHHHHHHHHHH.