Written by Steve

10 Sep 2008

I've tried to get my girlfriend to agree to someone else fucking for a long time now and she just won't do it. I have just about given up.

The nearest thing I've experienced to it happened a few months back.

On a Friday she goes out with her friends, sometimes to a pub or club. I always get her to wear sexy undies, as I can let my imagination run wild and in reality she will get asked to dance and have some guy feel her suspenders through her dress.

On this particular Friday, she had all matching black satin underwear on.

When she got home we were lying on the bed and she still had her thin dress on. She told me they had gone to a club and as usual she had a few dances and indeed had guys feeling her up through her dress and slip. One particular man aged about 30 got her on the dance floor. He was quite tall with black hair and a firm, trim body. In all her many nights out, she said she had never been so attracted to anyone.

After a couple of dances and with his hands sliding around everywhere, he asked if he could take her home. She said she was really tempted but just couldn't do it. He was really disappointed but she did agree to meet him in the men's toilets in a couple of minutes for a bit of snogging and feeling. She slipped away from her friends without them noticing and once inside the cublcle, he had his hand up between her legs and was frantically fingering her as they kissed passionately. She soaked her panties in no time. He asked if he could fuck her but she wouldn't let him. Instead she got out his prick, slipped her wet panties off and wanked his cock off into them.

She said he came in no time and his prick just kept jerking with loads of cum squirting into her satin panties and onto her hands.

She had to get back to her friends and slipped her panties back on.

They had a couple more dances later and then she left with her friends.

She'd kept the panties on all the way home so she could feel all her juices and his spunk against her cunt all the as she drove. She said she kept thinking what it might have felt like if she'd let him fuck her and how much I'd enjoy getting my hands into her spunk filled panties when she got home.

I took the panties off and she wrapped them around my cock as I fucked her twice in 10 minutes.